Grand Designs fans describe the £1.4m home as ‘horrific’ and claim it looks like an ‘ugly German supermarket’

GRAND Designs fans were shocked on Wednesday night when a massive £1.4m building was revealed – they called it ‘horrible’.

A former medical tech CEO turned farmer, Mike and his caregiver wife Sarah had planned a 21st century long home in Derbyshire for the whole family.

Mike and Sarah spent £1.4 million building their dream home


Mike and Sarah spent £1.4 million building their dream homeCredit: CHANNEL 4
Fans compared it to a "supermarket" And the "storehouse"


Fans compared it to a “supermarket” and a “warehouse”Credit: CHANNEL 4

The parents planned to make space – with more than 500 square meters of buildings – for their elderly parents and two older daughters.

The couple have revealed they have a huge budget to spend on their new home, after purchasing 18 acres of farmland for £250,000.

Sarah and Mike sat down with host Kevin McCloud as they revealed they were willing to spend £945,000 on their dream home.

The couple went on to leave Kevin, 63, in astonishing silence as they revealed their budget was over £275,000.

Design enthusiasts had high hopes for the final product thanks to the hefty budget – and the promise of a custom-made 30-ton steel structure and handcrafted roof.

However, they were disappointed when Kevin revealed the final build – describing it as “horrible” and “ugly”.

Many joked that the huge, expensive building resembled a “German supermarket” as well as an “Amazon warehouse”.

Someone said, “A new Amazon warehouse has been set up in the countryside,” someone said, “there is a lot of sense for the German market about it.”

A third wrote, “This is really awful,” while a fourth added, “Surely someone told these folks at Grand Designs their house looked like an elementary school or a convention center? Yuck.”

“It’s so terrible, I’ve seen better looking supermarkets,” a fifth joked.

While a sixth concluded: “I don’t like the look at all…like an intersection between an elementary school and a health center.”

It comes after fans of Grand Designs were left open after witnessing a couple demolish their £800,000 home to save money.

Davi and Matt bought the beautiful Hertfordshire bungalow as a project but decided to settle it and start over.

The couple had visions of building a home “Australian and Zimbabwean inspired” to reflect their nationalities and felt it would be cheaper to start from scratch and tear it down.

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Taking to Twitter, a shocked Grand Designs viewer wrote: “It makes economic sense to destroy a £800,000 home. Of course it does.”

Another said: “They just demolished an 800,000 house…they have money to burn,” a third said, “a £800,000 house and they just demolished it.”

Kevin was shocked by the huge budget of the house


Kevin was shocked by the huge budget of the houseCredit: CHANNEL 4


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