How ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ helped the movie top the box office

There is an old saying that any publicity is good publicity. For Olivia Wilde, that may be true after all. Most common unprofessional behavior and dishonest ways It stirred up quite a bit of controversy about the cast do not worry my loveher second administrative effort.

Despite the fact that none of the scandals had anything to do with the actual movie, the movie still managed to Topping the box office in the United States.

Is the controversy surrounding the behind-the-scenes drama of the film responsible for its success? Let’s take a look and see.

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The controversy started when Wilde and Jason Sudeikis broke up

Olivia Wilde had two children with her fiancé Jason Sudeikis before they separated in 2020. This was around the same time. do not worry my love Filming started.

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Wilde got the custody papers while speaking on stage at CinemaCon this year. The papers were sealed in a Manila envelope. At first, Wilde thought it was a scenario, but the situation became clear as soon as she opened the envelope. The entire incident was captured on camera and is now online for the whole world to see.

wild She described the moment as “horrific” and “evil”. She seemed to imply that Sudeikis was aware of his attorney’s motives and tried to sabotage her film. However, Sudeikis quickly came forward saying that he had no idea how to serve Wilde and expressed regret about how he had done so.

This was the first sign of drama connected to the movie, but it won’t be the last. If anything, things are just getting started.

Wilde’s affair rumors fueled the fire even more

Wilde was seen with her movie star, Harry Styles. The couple first made headlines when they were photographed holding hands at Styles’ manager’s wedding in January 2021. Since then, they have been photographed outside by the paparazzi. They didn’t shy away from public displays of affection and Wilde was even spotted at several Styles concerts.

Of course, this led to a whole new set of rumors regarding the timeline and ethics of their relationship.

Some wondered if Wilde had tricked Sudeikis with patterns. Some wondered if they started dating before, during, or after filming the movie. If they were dating while filming, what does that say about the power imbalance that would have occurred between them? What would that say about Wilde’s career as a director if she was dating one of her co-stars?

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Even rumors started circulating that Wilde and Styles would often disappear from the group. According to reports, this would leave star Florence Pugh frustrated and may occasionally take on directing duties. Recent reports also claim there was a screaming match between Wilde and Boog, something Many of the crew are excluded.

Styles wasn’t until Wilde’s first choice of star in the movie. This is a fact that will become very public and lead to more rumours.

Shia LaBeouf speaks and Miss Flo falls into it

Shia LaBeouf was originally scheduled to star in the film alongside Pugh. However, LaBeouf had been replaced by Styles by the time filming began. Wilde was interviewed by diverse Earlier this year he was asked why LaBeouf was replaced.

Wilde’s answer indicated that she made the decision to let LaBeouf go in order to make Pogue more comfortable. However, LaBeouf quickly advanced diverse With screenshots from emails and text messages that seem to prove that he left the movie. LaBeouf said the reason for his resignation was due to a lack of training time.

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Furthermore, a video was leaked that Wilde sent LaBeouf in which she asked if he could come back. Wilde also apparently referred to Pugh as “Miss Flo” and said LaBeouf’s exit could be a “wake-up call” for the actress.

This brought more negative attention to Wilde, as it seemed to contradict her earlier statement of wanting to protect Pugh. The text messages were later leaked Which appears to show conversations between LaBeouf and Beau. These letters allegedly prove that there was no bad blood between the two, despite what Wilde had previously claimed.

Wilde has since appeared The Late Show with Stephen ColbertShe appeared to say that LaBeouf’s view of smoking cessation and hers of quitting were equally correct. She also continued to deny the feud with Pugh, often showering her with praise in interviews.

The controversy was front and center at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, where the film premiered. Pugh did not participate in the press conference or any interviews about the film. On the red carpet, Wilde wouldn’t stand next to Pugh or Styles in a cast photo. Pugh wasn’t on Styles’ side either, and the three of them didn’t interact. Styles even went viral on Twitter with a clip of him apparently spitting on co-star Chris Pine. This is something everyone involved denied.

The film did not do well with critics, with many criticizing Wilde’s acting, script, and direction. However, praise was coming widely for Pugh’s performance. This could be another potential reason for the film to debut at the top of the box office. Harry Styles’ ardent fan base could also be a factor.

However, the controversy surrounding the film’s cast certainly helped a lot. It doesn’t look like this controversy will stop anytime soon either. Actress Kiki Laine recently revealed that most of her scenes have been omitted from the movie.

This scandal definitely caught the eye of the movie who wasn’t a fan of either Styles or Pugh. It certainly helped get publicity for a much wider audience. However, time will tell if the film has the potential to remain a strong force in the long run.

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