Howard Stern is completely ‘unable’ to leave his house, and here’s the real reason why

Howard Stern He might go for walks, he might have flown from one of his insanely cool properties to another, but the radio legend has simply not re-integrated into society since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Although most of his friends, including his best friend Jimmy Kimmel, have found ways to return to normal as the severity of the illnesses diminishes, Howard is still confined to the house. In fact, he and his wife Beth have had little or no contact with anyone for years.

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But the reason Howard has not returned to society is not as simple as fear of disease.

Howard Stern displays it from his basement

The fact that Howard Stern has been broadcasting his famous radio show from his basement since March 2020 was so source of great aggravation to some of his fans. While many were thrilled that he continued his show during the lockdown, Howard received criticism for not returning to the SiriusXM studio in New York City when he was allowed to.

Howard did not return to his studio with COVID precautions and not all restrictions have since been lifted.

It radically changed the dynamic of his show, which used to thrive in the office behind the scenes during fights and in adorable interviews with celebrities. Doing everything via Zoom doesn’t have the same effect although there are still golden moments.

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Some of his employees are back at work, but the listeners don’t get anyone personally back and forth between them. The closest they come to hearing is hearing stories of employees meeting outside of work. It involves this hilarious recent incident between the staff and Jason Oppenheim of Sale Sunset.

Whether Howard and his co-host, Robin Quivers, will personally return to SiriusXM and bring their staff back together remains unknown…but unlikely.

Howard Stern cut himself off from the world

Throughout 2020 and most of 2021, Howard and his wife, Beth, completely cut themselves off from the world. They cohabited with no one, not even abroad. And anyone who had to come to his house (IE workers) had to be tested and/or put on hazmat suits…at least, according to Howard.

True, Howard slowly relaxed. Most likely at the request of his charitable wife, who attended some events. Albeit in a mask only.

During various shows at the end of 2021 and throughout 2022, Howard admitted to seeing some family members and some close friends. However, they all took place either outside his home or in his home. And to get into his house, guests must be tested.

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Howard’s friend, Jimmy Kimmel, and his wife, Molly, claimed that in order to stay at his house for a few days in the summer, they had to be tested twice. Moreover, they were not allowed to leave the complex. If they do, they will not be allowed to return due to possible exposure to COVID.

Jimmy half jokingly equated the experience with visiting someone in prison.

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Even Howard admits that he has been overly afraid of reintegrating into society, as the vast majority of the world already has. Howard knows that if he does get sick, he will probably pass. Mostly due to multiple vaccinations. But he states that the possibility of catching a “long COVID” deters him from doing so.

But this is not the whole truth.

Why won’t Howard Stern leave his house?

Despite several doctors and health professionals, including his psychiatrist, advising him to return to the real world, Howard continues to refuse. True, he told his fans that he plans to go out again, go to a restaurant, and meet more friends. But he kept delaying it.

While Jimmy Kimmel appeared in Howard Stern Show November 27, 2022The radio legend sheds light on the real reason why he was “unable” to leave his house.

“Mine, [COVID] It’s still going on and I haven’t left my house, Howard admitted. “I can’t figure out how to integrate.”

Howard continued, “I’ve been locked up for a long time and haven’t been exposed to COVID. I’m afraid I’m a **hole who gets COVID and I’m going to die. Even though people don’t. He seems to die a lot. [anymore]. “

“You’ll eventually have to go out,” Jimmy said, while Howard revealed the real reason he continues to isolate himself and his wife.

“I’m at my happiest,” Howard said of staying home with his wife. “this is my dream.”

Howard Herald is notorious. He loves his alone time. He loves his space. He loves spending time with his wife and his cats. COVID has allowed him to do all of these things and only these things. He claims to feel comfortable in it.

“We’re worried we’re going to lose you from society because the longer this goes on, the more comfortable you’ll feel in this little world,” Jamie said with Robin and his wife Molly supporting him. “And then getting out of it becomes more and more difficult.”

“It’s great to be locked up at home,” Howard said.

“But that’s not healthy,” Jimmy replied.

Howard admitted, claiming that he would start moving out of the house…eventually…

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