Imprisoned Texas teen gets promise of treatment after a monster story on the juvenile justice system

A mentally ill 15-year-old girl who has been subjected to “humiliating” treatment in a Texas juvenile detention center since 2019, has been shot and taken to hospital after she reported her ordeal to The Daily Beast.

“Following the publication of the article and following additional requests from the youth, her family and her advocates, the young woman was approved for admission to a government hospital and placed on a waiting list,” said Brittany Norman’s lawyer.

“However, given the limited availability of beds across the state, it will likely take several months for them to be accepted and treatment to begin.”

The teen, whom we only identified as “D” because she is a minor, has endured a horrific stay in a deeply troubled detention system as it is under investigation by the US Department of Justice.

Medical files show that D — who has been on and off the system since the age of 10 and takes five years to kick a guard — suffers from a slew of mental health issues, including major depression and bipolar spectrum illness.

But the conditions in which she was held made her problems worse.

As The Daily Beast previously reported, she was forced to walk outside her living area in only a suicide alert dress and left to urinate on the floor of her cell after being denied access to the restroom.

Children D and other children continued to deteriorate: Recently Reports By The Texas Tribune showed that staffing and safety issues at centers have intensified this summer.

As D faces the prospect of being transferred to an adult prison, “nobody talks about the things they did to her,” her mother, Tiffany Weir, told The Daily Beast last week.

All I can do is pray and wish and hope that you will come home one day, at least before you leave this earth,” she said. “Hopefully.”

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