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Kardashian fans are mourning Kim’s natural curves as old bikini photos surface amid her massive weight loss

Kardashian fans have expressed their grief over Kim’s more natural, slender figure after an old bikini picture of the star surfaced on the internet.

The reality star recently showed off her chic figure in a revealing outfit by Dolce & Gabbana.


Kim Kardashian fans were sad about her natural curvesCredit: Kim Kardashian / Instagram
The reality star shed a lot of weight before the Met Gala in 2021


The reality star shed a lot of weight before the Met Gala in 2021Credit: Instagram / kardashianHulu

Amid fans’ concerns about Kim’s shrinking figure, photos of the star’s old bikini are resurfacing the internet.

Unedited footage that appeared in redditThe Kardashian star showed off wearing a tan bikini with a printed pattern all over and a red, yellow, and green stripe.

They were shot during a trip to Mexico to celebrate Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday.

Many fans have praised Kim’s full figure, while others have theorized the photos – which she cried on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – fueled her extreme weight loss.

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One user wrote: “I firmly believe these pictures are the reason why she looks the way she looks today. Not saying she looks bad but it’s the fact that she was shocked by these. The physical disfigurement aspect of KJs is sad tbh.”

Another commented, “Oh, sure. She’s changed drastically after that, and I’m more and more obsessed with her looks.”

“It’s sad because there is absolutely nothing wrong with her body here as well!” A third fan commented.

The fourth comment read: “I remember being baffled by these normal photos after seeing only the overly photoshopped ones on their social media.”

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talking Kim

Kim not only took up the photos on KUWTK, but talked about them on The View.

She said at the time: “I saw these horrific pictures of myself when I was on a trip to Mexico and people were taking them and polishing them.

“And then the worst picture – I certainly wasn’t in the best shape.”

The mom-of-four continued, “I guess I haven’t rehearsed in 12 weeks. I’ve had two surgeries on my uterus—we documented that on the show—but I didn’t really feel like myself.”

“Then when people were sharpening it and making it look worse, I said, ‘Okay. I’m going to put it together, “and I started working with a bodybuilder girl that I actually found on social media, so that’s a positive thing.”

She continued to share details of her exercise regime, which included getting up “every morning between 5:30 and 6” to exercise before her children woke up.

She also said she was on a strict diet, telling viewers, “I’ve been sticking to it for a long time.”

Apparently it was because Kim has since lost a significant amount of weight.

Slim Kim

The SKKN mogul recently flaunted her chic figure in a revealing outfit at a Dolce & Gabbana event.

She appeared in black leather leggings embellished with shiny jewellery.

However, the real star of the show was the sparkly bra that barely covered her chest.

Kim had a matching thick collar around her neck with a large cross hanging from it.

The cross was covered in black jewels with a silver frame and appeared to be about three inches long.

Critics commented on the video, telling Kim to “find God” and calling it “too profane”.

Another critic was concerned about the effect of weight loss on Kim: “I’m really worried about [size] 00 direction. “

Kim’s weight loss sparked serious concern after she revealed that she lost serious weight before the Met Gala in 2021.

Skinny Kimmy

She said at the time that she had lost 16 pounds. In three weeks to match the dress of Marilyn Monroe, which she wore at a fashion event.

The mother of four has followed a strict diet and workout routine to lose weight, which has sparked controversy among fans.

She was adamant that she lost weight in a healthy way and continued to flaunt her body despite the backlash.

brag about it

During Milan Fashion Week, Kim put her petite waist on full display.

At one point, she appeared in a stunning all-white outfit on hair artist Chris Appleton’s Instagram.

She posed for the camera in a white shawl to match her tailored dress.

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One belt fell off Kim’s shoulder and she placed her hands on her waist to draw attention to her curves.

Chris commented on the short video he posted: “Dolce vita”.

Fans are getting worried about being thin


Fans are getting worried about being thinCredit: Instagram
Some think she took things too far, and lost a lot of weight


Some think she took things too far, and lost a lot of weightCredit: Instagram
Kim was once famous for her iconic curves


Kim was once famous for her iconic curvesCredit: PA: Press Association

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