These are the 5 types of guests that appear while riding Hurricanes at Disney World

Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday as a strong Category 4 storm, with wind speeds that nearly put it in a Category 5 rating. The expected arrival of the storm rendered much of Florida inoperable as schools, stores, airports and amusement parks closed in preparation for the hurricane. Disney World announces plans to close Throughout the storm, but guests remain at Disney properties as Hurricane Ian continues its path of destruction across the state.

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On Wednesday, Disney World issued a “shelter in place” guidance for Disney Resort guests, Saying no guests will be checked in after 3:00 PM on Wednesday. Disney also informed guests that dining options would be very limited and offered prepackaged “hurricane meals” for purchase.

As with any hurricane, there is surely a certain amount of stress and chaos involving all those affected by the storm, whether in its direct path or not. Guests staying at the Walt Disney World Resort are not immune to this tension and chaos. In fact, stressful situations like preparing for and riding a hurricane can bring out the true colors in all of us—even when we’re guests at Disney World.

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In the end, there are about five different types of guests you might meet (or become) when dealing with a stressful situation like an impending hurricane at Disney World, and only one of them is fun.

guest of ‘Disney Was Supposed to Know’

As crazy as it sounds, during an emergency like a hurricane, there are guests who firmly believe that Disney should have known of the hurricane’s arrival weeks or months ago. Some go one step further, feeling that not only should Disney know about a hurricane — apparently before it formed in the Atlantic — but Disney should also be able to predict, with 100% accuracy, the exact path a hurricane will take. So they don’t have to take shelter somewhere unnecessarily.

Animal Kingdom Disney World Hotel
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After all, it’s a huge waste of time, money, and energy, and why should they be stuck in their resort hotel room with only the Disney park seen outside their windows, especially if the storm isn’t already coming that way? Disney just popped up Where are they going to put incantoA themed attraction in the magic kingdomand it hasn’t been created yet, so why can’t they figure this out, too?

The guest named “Disney should take care of us”

As it was during Preparations for the arrival of Hurricane IanIn the event of an emergency or an unprecedented event at Disney World, some guests get angry at cast members for not ignoring and neglecting all the other guests, pulling other guests’ reservations, and focusing only on them – you only have thousands of guests having a similar experience, thanks to Hurricane The massive who summoned the shots.

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They are incensed that the cast members refuse to get additional hotel rooms in the reserves, then distribute them – to only deserving guests – as if endless supplies are diverted to the hotel from a gigantic vending machine in a vacant storage area behind the Animal Kingdom. Such was the case – even among Disney Vacation Club members – during Ian’s preparations, that some took to Reddit to express their frustration about not being able to extend their stay once their reservations were complete. A DVC member posted the following:

“Disney is not accommodating DVC point renters during a hurricane. It was checkout day today, but the airport/resort/parks are closed…so we’re stuck…Boardwalk staff tells us there isn’t room at all at Disney and we have to make arrangements elsewhere. Apparently That all this “will take care of guests and make sure they are safe” sounds false… Like Mickey thanking you for the ticket money, the genie plus lightning lane food and more purchases… Here’s your bill… Good luck finding the Lift.”

The Redditor was undoubtedly seeking sympathy from fellow Redditors, but the majority of the community told the DVC member that Disney simply couldn’t offer unavailable rooms. In other words, even Disney World can’t magically render rooms that don’t exist. One Redditor referenced the sense of entitlement in the original Redditor post with a response.

‘Disney Should Make Up For This And Treat Me Well’

Reports from Orlando Sentinel Detailing how guests make use of their time as they are forced to stay indoors and “shelter in place” at Disney World Resort hotels. (I mean, there are worse places, you know?)

Disney World guests shelter in place at their hotel at Disney's Wilderness Lodge in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2022, as the first effects of Hurricane Ian are felt in central Florida.  Disney, along with Universal and SeaWorld, closed their theme parks in Central Florida in response to the storm.  (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel)
Guests take shelter at the Wilderness Lodge as Hurricane Ian approaches / Credit: Orlando Sentinel

But some guests don’t understand that the shelter-in-place directive means exactly what it says: Guests are needed to hide (shelter) wherever they are (at the place). In true Disney fashion, many members of staff who work at Disney World Resort hotels are not with their families at this time; Alternatively, they also stay as hotel guests (at night) and wake up in the morning to take care of guests (by day).

The Watchman Reports Some Disney resort hotels offer activities such as arts and crafts. Disney characters in costumes also do the rounds, and there are free arcade games to keep anxious kids occupied. Obviously, these compliments are free offerings to guests in an effort to make the experience as less than enjoyable as charming as possible, so everyone appreciates, right?

wrong – wrong – wronged That’s because some guests simply think it’s Disney’s responsibility to cater to and pamper them—even though everyone in the house is going through the same scenario. In their way of thinking, the cast members have to work hard to “make up” for everything they’ve missed due to the hurricane, as if Disney is in control of the weather. (And we’ve already talked about this; Disney doesn’t control the weather, But they control mosquitoes!)

Guest of “Disney Better Give Us Free Stuff”

You might know someone like this because if they acted like that at Disney World, they would probably act like that at the grocery store. These guests also feel that they deserve something to “disturb” them and always want it for free. If you are going to file Disney World Hotel Since the guests are sheltering in place in preparation for Ian, you are likely to find more than one of these guests.

They’re the ones who get offended when you sign into the My Disney Experience app to place an order on mobile and discover there’s a fee. (The nerve!) They think it’s unreasonable for Disney to charge guests for food “at a time like this.” Don’t these cast members realize how painful it is for the angry monster of a hurricane to destroy a Disney holiday?? Why not pile ashes on their heads, make matters worse, light a fire – and make the guests pay for their food???

Mobile ordering service coming soon to select Walt Disney World Resort hotels |  Disney Parks Blog
Credit: Disney Parks

They’re also the guests who, when out after the storm has passed–expecting a jubilee stamp on their bills–a nice little treat to send on their way home: a little message on their bill that says, “Stay safe! No charge. See you soon!” They’re also the guests who will go up the proverbial chain of command at the concierge on check-out day to explain 46 reasons why they deserve their entire stay free.

guest “how are you”

This guest is the only really nice person on the list, and when you see this guest, you relish the joy you feel after making a small exchange with her. She is concerned about others and wants to do everything in her power to make sure that others around her are calm, relaxed and well taken care of. It is a gem, a rare gem.

Disney Minnie ears
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It is the guest who takes it upon himself to make his way around the room and initiate momentary conversations with perfect strangers, who are united by this common disaster. It’s the guest who decides that even though he’s having a hard time missing his trip to Disney, he’ll do everything in his power to see that others do well during this ordeal. It’s the guest who — just by being in the room, smiling at you, asking how you’re doing, lending a helping hand to a cast member, holding the door open — spreads a little joy and pixie dust wherever you go.

As with any challenging scenario in life, difficulties often bring out our true colors, but within a crowded common area of ​​a Disney World hotel during lockdown where guests ride a massive tornado with hundreds of strangers, there is hope that good things will outweigh everything else, and that Selflessness prevails.

God bless everyone in Ian’s way.

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