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Virgin Atlantic has launched a uniform gender-neutral policy for all employees

  • Virgin Atlantic has announced that its cabin crew can now wear any uniform they like.
  • Previously, uniforms fell under the category of “male” or “female”.
  • The airline has also implemented optional pronoun badges and comprehensive mandatory employee training.

Virgin Atlantic announced Wednesday that it has scrapped its gender uniform. Now, employees can wear any Virgin Atlantic uniform they desire, regardless of their gender.

according to CNNPreviously, the costume fell under the category of “male” or “female”. CNN reported that as of Wednesday, these categories no longer exist.

“The policy, in effect today, supports the personality of Virgin Atlantic personnel by enabling them to wear clothing that expresses how they identify or present themselves,” the airline said in a statement sent to Insider.

The airline’s uniform, designed by Vivienne Westwood, remains unchanged and includes options such as a red skirt and burgundy pants.

The airline has released new optional name badges, which include pronouns.

The airline has released new optional pronouns badges.

Ben Queenborough / Virgin Atlantic

With the announcement, the airline said it is also offering optional pronoun badges to airline employees and travelers, and mandatory comprehensive employee training, according to the statement.

The airline said it has also updated its ticketing system to include gender-neutral addresses. The statement said that travelers may now choose a gender-neutral “U” or “X” symbol on their booking and the address “Mx.” Gender neutral. However, the codes must match the documents the person is traveling with, such as a passport.

“It is very important that we enable our people to embrace their individuality and be their true selves at work,” Juha Yarvinen, chief commercial officer for Virgin Atlantic, said in a press release. That’s why we want to allow our employees to wear the outfit that suits them best and how they get to know our customers and ensure they are addressed by their preferred pronouns. “

The statement said the changes were part of Virgin Atlantic’s establishment “as a more comprehensive airline in the skies.”

This is not the first change the airline has made to its policies. In May, the airline lifted the ban prohibiting cabin crew from having visible arm and leg tattoos, Inside, I mentioned earlier. Tattoos on the neck, head, and face of flight attendants and cabin crew are still banned as well as tattoos containing obscene words, references to nudity, violence, and culturally offensive symbols.

In 2019, Virgin Atlantic was the first major international airline to drop makeup requirements for female cabin crew and allow women to wear pants and flats as part of their military uniform, Insider reported at the time.

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