Where else did you see a demon in Madeleine Arthur, Ohio?

Netflix He seems to have hit all the right notes with her latest thriller series, Devil in Ohio. The show tells the story of a young girl who escapes from a cult and is taken by a psychiatrist, only to have disturbing things begin to happen in this family home after she moves in.

The themes in the series are so dark that lead star Emily Deschanel revealed that she had to take deliberate measures to protect her mind from being overwhelmed by matter. Deschanel appears on the show as Dr. Susan Mathis, a psychiatrist who takes a strange girl home.

The role of the young girl was played by Canadian actress Madeleine Arthur, whose star is now on the rise. The 25-year-old has already finished filming for her next lead role, where she is set to appear in the upcoming comedy series, Turnout. Another Netflix project, Turnout The show is set to start on November 3.

Another feather in the hat would be talented Arthur, whose relatively short career has seen her star in some serious productions.

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9 Madeline Arthur In Big Eyes (2014)

big eyes It was only Madeleine Arthur’s second appearance on the big screen that she made her debut in a horror movie called Grace: Possessionstill in 2014.

In the film, Arthur played the old version of a character known as Jane Kane. Jane was the daughter of notables Margaret and Walter Kane, portrayed by Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz respectively.

8 Madeleine Arthur was in People of Tomorrow (2014)

2014 was a big year for Madeleine Arthur. Having previously only appeared in single episodes of various TV shows, she landed her first recurring role: in the science fiction drama The CW, Tomorrow’s people.

Arthur’s character on the show is known as Charlotte Taylor.

7 Madeleine Arthur Had a Role in the Family (2016)

after, after Tomorrow’s peopleMadeleine Arthur’s next major TV role was Willa Warren in ABC the family. This time around, a smaller version of her portrayal of the character was also played by Allison Bell.

Arthur appeared in each of the 12 episodes in the series’ first season, before the network decided not to renew it for a second.

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6 Madeline Arthur was in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow (2018)

Madeline Arthur was only involved in one episode of Capital‘s legends of tomorrowBut she was constantly building her portfolio as a TV actress.

The episode she appeared in was titled Abe Darkest from the third season. She played Nora Darke, the daughter of villain Damien Darke (Neil McDonough).

5 Madeline Arthur Had a Role in The X Files (2018)

Next on the list of Madeleine Arthur’s TV gigs are two episodes in the popular science fiction series Fox, unknown files. These two appearances came with a five-episode difference in season 11 of the show, after it was rebroadcast for a second time in January 2018.

in unknown filesArthur played Sarah Turner, one of the two teenagers on an abandoned ship called the Chimera.

4 Madeleine Arthur in The Witches (2018)

In another TV role in 2018, Madeleine Arthur portrayed Fray Waugh in witches. unlike unknown files And the legends of tomorrowThis was a somewhat lengthy role, with a storyline that spanned over five episodes.

Fray was the daughter of main characters Eliot Waugh (Hale Appleman) and Fen (Brittany Curran).

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3 Madeline Arthur was in the All Boys movie series (2018, 2020, 2021)

In addition to being her most prolific year in television work to date, 2018 was also the year Madeline Arthur debuted in her biggest movie role yet: Kristen in the teen rom-com. To all the boys I’ve loved before.

Arthur and the rest of her co-workers did so well that they came back for two pieces. To all the boys: Note: I still love you And the To all the boys: always and forever They were released in 2020 and 2021 respectively, with Arthur reprising her role in both.

2 Madeleine Arthur in Color Out of Space (2019)

between the first and the second of for all boys Films, Madeleine Arthur got another project on the big screen. Starring alongside Nicolas Cage and Julie Richardson in color out of spaceportrayed their character’s daughter, Lavinia Gardner.

Reportedly, the sci-fi cosmic horror movie was Supposed to be the first of the trilogybut fell at the box office, incurring losses of up to 11 million dollars.

1 Madeline Arthur Was in the Snow (2020)

Madeline Arthur continued her long-running relationship with Netflix in 2020, when she appeared in the first season of snow hole. In another sci-fi adventure, the actress has joined the likes of Sean Bean, Jennifer Connelly, and Daveed Diggs in an impressive lineup of cast.

snow hole It is scheduled to return for the fourth and final season. It’s unlikely that Arthur was around, as her character Nikki Jennet was murdered after five episodes.

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