The truth about Madonna’s relationship with her son David

When Madonna She came to Malawi for the first time in 2006, not expecting how her life would change. What started as a charitable effort will turn into so much more. This will lead to her adopting her son, David Banda.

David and Madonna seem to have a very close relationship. In recent years, they have been spotted together at multiple events. They sang together and Madonna moved to Portugal to support him.

In order to have such a close bond, Madonna had to face uncertainty, struggles and public judgment. Through it all, Madonna has stayed strong and her relationship with her son is the beautiful one we see today.

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It all started with Madonna working alongside Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof is the man behind the popular Live Aid concerts in 1985, where several artists (including Madonna) performed. Concerts helped the victims of famine in Africa. In 2005 Geldof put the Live 8 shows together after twenty years to fight for the same cause.

Madonna once again rejoins the list of artists just as she did twenty years ago. However, she wanted to engage in Africa on a deeper level. After receiving a phone call from a woman in Malawi, Madonna moved to focus on the small African country specifically. Madonna eventually started the Malawi Education Foundation to combat the country’s many ills, from AIDS to the extreme poverty of over a million orphans.

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Around this time, Madonna and then-husband Guy Ritchie were talking about adopting a child. Madonna said she wanted to give life to a child who otherwise wouldn’t, so heading to Malawi seemed like a no-brainer.

Madonna meets David and the world interacts

When reviewing footage shot for Madonna’s documentary, me becauseMadonna saw a clip of an eight-year-old holding a baby in her arms. The baby boy was David Panda.

Madonna first met David in an orphanage she visited while in Malawi. She was terrified of the conditions of the shelter and of David himself. She said he had a terrible rash and severe pneumonia. When she was told he had no regular visitors, she decided to get him proper medical care.

Due to Madonna’s growing attachment to David, I began to consider adopting him. Richie shared his feelings for his wife when he joined her on another trip to Malawi. However, it will not be easy.

Madonna said she has had a hard time navigating through the few and sometimes non-existent adoption laws in Malawi. She also had to obtain permission from David’s father, who handed him over after David’s mother’s death. Madonna met David’s father in court, who agreed with him and thanked Madonna for giving his son a better life.

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Madonna and Ritchie were given temporary adoptions, with a social worker visiting the home frequently to ensure they were fit parents. This process lasted 18 months before the adoption was approved. Madonna often talked about how difficult the process was, but said it was worth it.

Another difficulty Madonna faced was the public backlash after adoption. Some have claimed that Madonna used her fame to speed up the adoption process. Others said she had broken adoption laws and accused her of stealing the child. Many said she was just imitating Angelina Jolie, another celebrity with adopted children from Africa.

Madonna and David develop a close relationship

After Madonna and Ritchie’s divorce, she continued to adopt children from Malawi. She adopted a daughter, Mercy James, as well as twins, Esther and Stella. The Mercy James Institute of Pediatric Surgery and Critical Care was opened in Malawi in 2017. This hospital was developed by Madonna Rising Malawi.

Over the years, Madonna and David have developed a close relationship. Madonna took David as her date at the Grammy Awards in 2014. They wore matching suits and Madonna said David helped design the look. David also joined Madonna on stage during which Rebel Heart Tour In Paris. They performed on a cover of Bob Marley’s classic, “Redemption Song”.

Madonna moved to Portugal in 2017 to support David’s dreams of becoming a footballer. She said that Lisbon seemed to have the best football program and this helped her in her decision. Madonna has also shared David’s Instagram posts of her dancing, singing, and serving amazing costumes.

David recently made headlines after he wore an Adidas x Gucci dress that looked identical to the one Madonna wore in 1993. He even joined her on stage during her pride performance in New York City this year. Recently, Madonna took David to see Harry Styles at a concert to celebrate his 17th birthday.

“what or what [David] More than anything it is focus and determination. I’m sure he got it from me,” Madonna said British Vogue in 2019. “I feel like he’s getting into me; he has more DNA of my own than any of my other kids so far.”

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Madonna has gone through a lot on her journey to adopt David. Through obstacles, Madonna remained strong. Despite the judgment, she never backed down. Today, Madonna and David have a beautiful relationship that seems to be getting stronger. It’s great to see Madonna’s support for David and he should be an example for all parents.

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