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Imo- Governor Hope Uzodinma saluted the regiment on the occasion of Independence Day in Owerri.

While the Governor commends the Imolites for their understanding and total solidarity, he celebrates the Nigerian population for their resilience and understanding in these trying times to elevate the country.

Uzodinma On behalf of the government and people of Imo State, I warmly congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari, the Gulf Cooperation Council of Nigeria, Nigeria and Nigerians on the 62nd anniversary of the country’s independence.

It particularly celebrated ordinary Nigerians whose incredible resilience and patience in the face of immense challenges helped sustain the country’s progress and kept hope alive for the nation’s unity.

In his words, “My heart in celebration of the anniversary of independence is pleased to note that despite all the intractable challenges of the past, Nigerians have remained resolute in their belief in the country.”

Therefore, I take the auspicious occasion of this anniversary to call on Nigerians, especially Ndi Imo, to continue to support both the Federal and State Governments in their sincere commitment to re-engineering the nation for a better future for all.

Recall that Governor Ozudinma has improved the state in a span of two years taking charge of the Imo state government as reported by 9News Nigeria.

In his relationship with the presidency, Ozudinma used his friendship with President Buhari to attract several federal projects to improve the state.

Recently, the dredging of the Urashi River to make it the first seaport in Imo State will be very beneficial to Nidi Imo and its sister countries when completed.

Also, presidential approval of 10 megawatts of power from the Nouri and Otamiri rivers will boost development and add to the country’s economic value.

9News Nigeria reports that Uzodinma’s biggest challenge is the insecurity that has silenced his massive development revolution in the state.

Further improvement in SSI intelligence would give Ozudinma an excellent advantage over his contemporaries.

On the occasion of Independence Day held in the famous Hirose Square opposite the Imo Concord Owerri, the governor promised to make Imo a model for the state where business would flourish.

The event was a resounding success with the attendance of a large number of dignitaries.

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