Emancipation – Will Smith returns after the slap in Apple TV + Civil War Epic

Just months after he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in King Richard– The only notable thing that happened that night, I’m pretty sure – Will Smith is back in the new trailer for the Apple TV+ saga, Release.

The film, inspired by real events, follows the story of a enslaved man named Peter in the mid-19th century. Peter sets out on a perilous journey through the swamps of Louisiana to escape the ranchers who nearly killed him. Determined to reunite his family at any cost, he’s willing to risk facing the natural horrors of the Baton Rouge swamps if it means he’ll never have to return to his brutal life on the farm.

After hearing the story of the Union Army liberating slaves during the Civil War, Peter’s mind is set. “We gotta get to Lincoln’s army,” Peter says in the voiceover. Five days through the swamp… I won’t be afraid. What does a mere man do? Moments later, the teaser quickly hints at the trials awaiting Peter Flash before us. Crocodiles, bloodhounds and all the evils of humanity are trying to hunt him down.

Release It is directed by Antoine Fuqua, who seems to have made the most compelling and boisterous film of his long career to date. Inspired by the highly publicized historical photo of Peter –who portrays The cruel violence he was subjected to at the hands of the farm owners –Release It was a tough project for Fuqua to take on.

“You want to get it just right and I want to make it as honest and authentic as I can be,” Fukua Tell Limit. “Peter’s portrait from 1863 inspired me to want to make the film and Will inspired the desire to make the film…he seemed to likewise inspire the audience…that was the thing I was most moved by.”

As for what would be the inevitable unfortunate public narrative surrounding the film, Fuqua and Apple were undeterred by the hype that immediately followed the Oscar slap. “[Apple] “She never stopped talking about the movie’s release…and I have to say Apple was great during this whole movie,” Fuqua said.

When asked specifically about Will Smith and his reaction to the situation as a larger cultural moment, Fuqua paused. “Will Smith is a great guy. I’ve been with him for two years, making this movie. He’s a great guy…Chris Rock is a good guy. I know Chris well…and I just pray that it works out for them as friends.”

Release Shows in cinemas December 2 and airs on Apple TV + December 9.

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