Disney removes the last piece of EPCOT history

Sailor with Nemo and friends in EPCOT

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An absolutely iconic but subtle piece of Walt Disney World history was recently removed.

Walt Disney sitting as a golden statue in front of the EPCOT board.
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For those unaware, EPCOT has been undergoing an overhaul for some time now. The historic park received its first proper thrill ride in the form of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the park’s first roller coaster to open.

One of the biggest changes taking place at EPCOT is the creation of three completely new lands to replace what is currently known as Future World. These three new lands will allow all EPCOT to feel connected to four neighborhoods that speak to every important aspect of the world.

Credit: D23

The World Showcase, which has not changed during this transformation, will be joined by World Celebration, World Nature and World Discovery. We learned more about a new area coming to EPCOT at the Disney D23 Expo a few weeks ago.

In 2019, Disney announced the Water Journey, an all-new story-themed attraction moana It will reach EPCOT. At D23, a scale model of the Te Feti sculpture/water feature was displayed. Once opened, this installation will stand 16 feet tall.

However, there have been some other changes at EPCOT due to ongoing construction, many of which are much less exciting.

Seas with Nemo and Friends Watching Area
Credit: Disney

For decades, signs informing guests that they entered the world of the future have hung above various entrances and entrances throughout EPCOT. However, one of the recent expansion marks has been ripped out of her home and replaced with a new, updated one.

You can see the new banners compared to the old banner below in a tweet From the DreamfinderGuy website (DreamfinderGuy):

RIP to another sign in Future World, just a day away from getting to Christmas

The Seas with Nemo & Friends, formerly The Living Sea, is the star attraction at SeaBase, EPCOT’s impressive aquarium. After meeting a sea turtle in Turtle Talk With Crush, set out on a quiet adventure with Dory, Nemo, Squirt, Marlin and friends.

Pixar characters come to life in this dark, slow-motion ride for all ages that combines animated digital effects with realistic aquariums. From Walt Disney World Resort:

Go under the sea – without getting wet – on this cute ride based on Disney and Pixar’s Finding Nemo, discovering that Nemo is lost again.

Finned adventure

Catch a clamobile and slowly descend beneath the waves, as Nemo’s friends navigate brightly colored coral reefs and gently swaying anemones. Dodge the stinging jellyfish, the underwater mine, the toothed angler fish, and the sharpest-toothed shark Bruce.

Tour the righteous East Australian Current with Crush the sea turtle and his little friend Squirt. But where is Nemo?

Just keep swimming until you find it!

What is your favorite park at Walt Disney World?


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