Nikki Fink, must-read entertainment journalist and founder of Deadline, dies at 68

Nikki Fink, the creepy entertainment columnist whose relentless style and sharp scoops helped grow Deadline, the merchandising site she founded in 2006, into one of Hollywood’s top news sources, died Sunday morning. unsurprisingly, Limit He first broke the news, adding that Finke was battling an unspecified long-term illness.

She was 68 years old.

She was bold and honest. It was never easy with Nikki, but she will always be one of the most memorable people in my life,” said Jay Pensky, founder and CEO of Penske Media Corporation, which acquired the burgeoning Finke site in 2009.

Fink excelled in some of the world’s most ferocious newspaper shops before heading to Los Angeles, where he covered Moscow for the Associated Press and Washington, D.C., for Newsweek. She first fixed her massive look at the inner workings of Tinseltown in 2002, starting a column called Deadline Hollywood for Los Angeles Weekly.

After moving the deadline online, the Long Island home has gained notoriety with its clever exclusives, in-house analysis, and annual live Oscars show. Despite its immense popularity, to the point of implication Forbes In the list of “The Most Powerful Women in the World”, the blogger was a legendary recluse – she never met her sources in person and shied away from shows.

in 2006, MarketWatch Quotes The enigmatic columnist said she wanted to be buried next to the silver screen greats at the Pierce Brothers Cemetery in Westwood. On my tombstone, Fink told the outlet at the time, “You could say, ‘I told the truth about Hollywood.'”

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