Chris Jones on strengthening the aisle’s appeal: “What do you want me to do?”

Monday Night Football‘s headsRaiders The game saw another controversial bystander call-up this week, this time in a defensive tackle in Kansas City. undefined.

Jones fired Raiders quarterback Derek Carr in a play late in the second quarter, then snatched the ball away from the quarterback before hitting the lawn. However, the star of The Chiefs landed on top of Carr, and the ruling crew flagged the threat of punishment for bystanders.

After the match, Jones, like many other football fans, was at a loss as to what he was supposed to do in this situation.

‘No need to explain,’ said Jones. via KSHB41. “What am I going to go up to? [the referee, Carl Cheffers] And they say, “How should I treat? And how should I not roll over on it? I’m doing my best. I’m 325 pounds, well what do you want me to do?”

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