“M3GAN” is already a cult movie, thanks to its awful trailer

No words are able to describe the anomaly that just shattered the planet. Her name is Megan – or rather M3GAN. She is a doll. you speak. She dances. It has already made its way into all of our hearts, thanks two and a half minutes on social media.

When the two-eyed scary doll was first introduced via a teaser poster, it was The internet has turned into chaos. Who was this little crawl? She’s not as scary as Annabelle, but she’s somehow scarier than James Wan’s favorite doll. If Annabelle was Gordon Ramsay, humiliating and disturbing, then Meghan would be Jay Fieri: funny, crazy hair and big sunglasses.

James Wan returns as a writer in Meganwhich means we’re about to get something malignant-esque, which is already evident from this trailer. Meghan sways and wiggles before throwing an ax in some dude’s face. Of course, there are already plenty of her dancing GIFs, which is a sure sign of that Megan They will get the full meme treatment once people can get their hands on the digital version.

girls Alison Allison Williams is Gemma who created Megan, whose voluminous sleeves extend over her hands as if she were still Marnie, illustrating the intricacies of some of the new dolls. She adopted her niece Katie after a fatal car accident that left her an orphan. Struggling to figure out how to calm Katie’s nerves, Aunt Gemma turns to her prized possession: a scary doll who keeps an eye on the kids.

“Since I was little, I dreamed of this perfect toy that would protect a child from feeling lonely or sad,” says Gemma, introducing Meghan. Ah yes. The perfect toy for a child. Not a Wii, not an iPod Touch, or an American Girl Doll. No — collect all three, instead, for the best experience.

It doesn’t take long for Meghan to completely fly off the rails. At dinner, Katie refuses to eat any of the toppings on her pizza, which leads to some reprimands from Gemma. Megan defends Katie, telling Gemma that kids would be less likely to eat vegetables if they were forced to.

“Meghan, turn it off,” Gemma replies in frustration.

“I thought we were having a conversation,” Megan says.

Fun fact: This is actually a real copy of the view Back in 2019, Meghan McCain got into an argument with her co-hosts.

Megan takes it upon herself to become infatuated with her best friend Katie, and defends her from any harm whatsoever. A young boy approaches Katie in the woods and starts fighting her – fighting in the woods, the number one thing all 12-year-olds love to do – but Megan rushes to defend her friend. The robot pushed the little boy in front of a car and killed him. Phew!

Next, Megan makes hands-free wheels, twisting, and shredding blades from shredders to use as a weapon. last 30 seconds of Megan The trailer is a complete masterpiece — and everything is enhanced by the fact that it’s taped with a sinister clip on Taylor Swift’s forgotten tune “It’s Good to Have a Friend”.

Megan– which is technically called M3GAN, and I’ll call her “M-three-gan” – she has developed massive fans online. Bring your American Girl Dolls to the midnight shows when the movie comes out in January, and throw them on screen as is. the room. This will be the next movie in America.

Even Megan Thee Stallion jumped in: “Not biased but I think they made this movie for me,” she tweeted. “I will be the first in line to see M3GAN!!!”

Write an original song for the movie, Megan. They were dying. Megan (Sorry, M3GAN) in theaters January 12, 2023, and I expect we’ll all be there on opening night.

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