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Teen mom Qian Floyd twins with daughter Ryder, 5, in matching comfy outfits during their spooky pumpkin patch ride

TEEN Mom star Cheyenne Floyd spent a fun fall day at a twining pumpkin patch with her daughter Ryder.

Mother and daughter celebrated the season with a spooky ride by wearing matching outfits.


Cheyenne Floyd posts cute snapshots of her kids during a fun fall tripCredit: Instagram
Cheyenne's 5-year-old daughter Ryder wore a matching outfit with her mom


Cheyenne’s 5-year-old daughter Ryder wore a matching outfit with her momCredit: Instagram

The Teen Mom star brought both of her kids, Ryder, five, and Ace, one of them, to enjoy some fall.

Cheyenne and her daughter made a pose in front of a small shed made of different colored pumpkins.

Each was wearing warm, light pink terrycloth pants with tank tops.

The reality star’s mom wore a long sweater over her ensemble.

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Fans loved watching the Teen Mom star and her kids photo series.

One wrote: “Wow I love matching outfits” with a heart emoji.

Another noted: “Twinsies. Really cute mommy daughter fashion.”

Another fan wrote in a single shot of Ryder hitting a pose, “Ryder stole my heart! She’s so fierce and precious.”

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The family outing comes after Cheyenne celebrated her wedding day with Zach Davis.

Wedding day please

The Teen Mom OG alum, 29, recently shared new photos of Naeem on her wedding day.

I sided with Zack, Ryder and Ace for this amazing photo session.

Cheyenne and Zack pose in front of a lavish display of candles and white roses in one photo, captured by Asha Bailey.

In another photo, the newlyweds stood outside with their children.

Cheyenne captured the shot: “Mr. and Mrs. Davis. 9.29.22.”

The MTV star tied Zach in a lavish wedding in Pasadena, California, attended by many of their teenage outfits.

While most fans praised the Cheyenne special, others were quick to point out the flaws.

She faced backlash for letting her young son, Ace, ride in a mini white Lamborghini down the driveway.

Cheyenne’s wedding guests watched in disbelief and amusement as Ace walked down the shiny silver aisle.

Raymond Smith, Cheyenne and Zack’s boyfriend, posted a video of Ace and his baby friend arriving in their luxury minivan.

Raymond commented on the video, educating the bride and groom: “Children who go out in pregnancy are hazel.”

The five-year-old daughter of Cheyenne Ryder, who she shares with ex-husband Cory Wharton, debuted as a gorgeous flower girl soon after.

This isn’t the first time the reality star’s mom has been criticized for her parenting choices.


Fans discovered a dangerous parenting decision during a recent episode of Little Mom: The Next Chapter.

A Teen Mom fan picked up a frame from the episode of the long-running series and posted it on Reddit.

The Redditor titled the post: “I’m sorry for another one of these posts but UGH….it’s bad enough she’s on a booster let alone not wearing a chest strap.”

The screenshot shows Ryder sitting in the back seat of former Cheyenne and her father, Cory Wharton’s car.

The five-year-old sits inside the booster seat with the seat belt tucked behind her back.

The thread of comments quickly filled with concern over Ryder and complaints surrounding Cheyenne, 29, and Cory, 31.

One wrote: “Please tell me they weren’t driving it in the seat like that!”

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Another commented, “Yekes. If they get caught in a wreck with her strapped like this, she’ll get seriously hurt.”

And a third fan added, “Ah, I want to love Chey too.”

Cheyenne Floyd's son Ace, one, also enjoyed the pumpkin patch


Cheyenne Floyd’s son Ace, one, also enjoyed the pumpkin patchCredit: Instagram
Cheyenne recently married boyfriend Zach Davis in a lavish wedding


Cheyenne recently married boyfriend Zach Davis in a lavish weddingCredit: Instagram/Zach Davis
Fellow teen moms stars attended the extravagant wedding


Fellow teen moms stars attended the extravagant weddingCredit: Diego Canseco

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