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Florida grandfather arrested after leaving his granddaughter in the back seat of a returning rental car

  • Police said a Hertz employee rescued a one-year-old girl from the back seat of a parked rental car.
  • Police said the girl was “scared and hot” after being left in the car for about 45 minutes.
  • Police, David Towner, said the grandfather was accused of neglecting a child after leaving the girl in the car.

A grandfather was arrested in Florida after police said he left his one-year-old granddaughter in the back of a rental car that returned at the airport.

Andrew Grant, a spokesperson for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, said in a statement statement.

Designated MPs at Daytona Beach International Airport responded to a report from a Hertz employee around 6pm on Monday after they found a one-year-old girl who was locked in the back seat of a parked car in the backyard, the Guardian reported. Statement.

Police said deputies arrived to find the child breathing normally, but her face was warm and full of dry tears.

According to the statement, the child was left in the car, parked in an unshaded parking lot since 5:13 pm.

Representatives and airport staff were unable to make initial contact with the driver. But the mother of the one-year-old girl contacted the sheriff’s office as soon as she learned that her father had left her daughter in the rented car and not at his home, according to the statement.

Investigators discovered that David Towner, 62, was caring for his one-year-old granddaughter on the day he left her in the rental car when he returned her, according to the statement.

Police said Towner expressed remorse and cooperated with MPs and was charged with child neglect.

The one-year-old is finally reunited with his mother, and the Hertz employee who found the baby will receive a citizenship award.

Hertz representative Tell Good Morning America, the company “is grateful for the actions of our colleagues on the Hertz team, and is delighted that the baby is safe.”

“Everyone at Daytona Beach International is grateful to have a baby safely reunited with her mother. Hertz staff deserve appreciation for bringing the baby to safety and the comfort of a child. We are also proud of our security team and Volusia Sheriff office deputies for their speed,” Daytona Beach International Airport manager Joanne Magley said in a statement. For Good Morning America.

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