The ‘crown’ is a ‘malignant imagination’, says former British Prime Minister John Major

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Former Prime Minister Major Says The Crown Is ‘Barrel Load of Nonsense’

Prince Harry is under new pressure to quit Netflix the crown On Sunday, after former “Special Regent” and former British Prime Minister Sir John Major called the show “a pernicious and pernicious fantasy” and “a barrel load of nonsense”.

Major, who ruled Britain from 1990 to 1997, made his remarks before the House of Representatives mail on sunday After the newspaper reported that the first episode of the new series showed Charles pressing Major to urge the Queen to abdicate.

The Mail Reports indicate that Charles, played by Dominic West, discusses Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria with the major, and says: “It was said that Queen Victoria did not trust him, and thought he was dangerous and free-thinking. He yearned for responsibilities, but his mother refused. He even He was prevented from seeing the state papers. However, when his time came, he proved his skeptics wrong and his dynamism, intellect, and popular appeal made his rule a victory.”

The fictional pioneer asks him to make his point, to which Charles replies, “What a pity, what a waste, I say, that his voice, his presence, his vision, were not previously incorporated. It would have been good for all.”

The major himself has now issued a lengthy statement to Mailsaying, in part: “If the scenes you describe were to be aired, they should only be seen as pernicious and malicious fiction. A barrel load of nonsense was traded for no other reason than to provide maximum dramatic effect—and wholly false.”

Major’s intervention is likely to put pressure on Prince Harry, who has signed a multi-million dollar production deal with the broadcasting giant, to publicly criticize the show because Major was one of Harry’s trusted advisers.

He was appointed “special trustee” for William and Harry after Diana’s death and was responsible for the legal and administrative affairs of William and Harry.

The relationship continued, and Major was the only British politician who was invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Crown preview

London Sunday Times have given Preview of all 10 episodes of Series 5 of the crownand has a comprehensive series of teaser ads in today’s newspaper.

They don’t quite live up to spoilers, but if you want to keep 100% surprise, look away now, and don’t come back here until series 5 airs on November 9.

Among the plot lines is that TIt’s the Sunday Times He reveals Prince Philip’s rumored relationship with Penny Knatchbull, and says that in one scene Penny was dressed as the Queen who told her, “Why don’t you drive me to church this Christmas in Sandringham? Smack it all in the bud.”

The show also explores the Queen’s fear of being poor at raising children, saying she was seen in one scene talking to the Archbishop of Canterbury and saying her children’s divorce “seems like a parental failure of the most egregious kind”.

Interestingly, Sunday times He says Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir, “was not paraphrased on the show” but says there are suggestions, raised by Andrew Morton in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, that Diana believed her communications were being eavesdropped.

The most disturbing claim, however, is that Charles openly pressured John Major to persuade his mother to abdicate (see above).

King Charles is not planning to move into Back House

The King is not planning to move to Buckingham Palace.

The palace is halfway through a massive restoration and repair task, which is not expected to be completed until 2027, and may provide some practical political cover.

source said Sunday times: “I know he’s not a fan of the ‘big house’ as he calls the mansion. He doesn’t see it as a viable future home or a fit-for-purpose home in the modern world. He feels that its maintenance, both from a cost perspective and an environmental perspective, is not sustainable.”

Another royal source said: “It is certainly true that Camilla does not want to live in Buckingham Palace.”

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: “It is expected that the necessary work will be completed for their Majesties to take up residence in 2027. In the interim period, the Palace will be used entirely for official business where possible.”

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Jessalyn Maxwell suggests that Andrew’s photo is fake

In her interview from prison with SunGhislaine Maxwell – in addition to saying she feels “very bad” for her “dear friend” Prince Andrew –also says That the infamous photo of Andrew and his arm around a teenage Virginia Joffrey is fake, saying, “At this time, I don’t think it’s a real photo anymore, and I don’t think it looks like… There’s a lot of things wrong with it… Once my appeal is over.” I would be very happy to discuss it.”

She added, “I don’t know exactly how many dots there are, but there are more than 50 problems with the picture… I don’t think it’s a real picture.”

Maxwell also said there were question marks about Epstein’s death, saying there was a “lack of transparency” in the Bureau of Prisons, adding, “There is a culture of lying that has to be exposed frankly… I’m saying that [Epstein] It is one among many. But I do not know. I just find it suspicious.”

Maxwell told director Daphne Barak to Sun And that Bill Clinton had cut it as well, even though she had a “special friendship that had lasted over the years,” but she said Donald Trump had stuck with it.

“We knew each other and mingled in the same circles, in Palm Beach, New York. I was so grateful when he wished me all the best after (the arrest). He got bad media because of it, but he dared, while the others didn’t.”

“Nice to remember me. Well, he is known to say what he thinks. It has given me a huge boost.”

Questions, questions

a weird story Sixth page It was suggested this week that Harry and Meghan’s Netflix show “contradicts what Harry wrote” in his book. We’re at a loss – if a “big source on Netflix” has seen and read Harry’s book, unlike any snake person on the planet, we want to know about him please!

Members of the royal family cut off their participation in the race

Queen Elizabeth II loved racing and blood horses and spent a great deal of time and energy raising and training racehorses. However, the King is less enthusiastic and will sell 12 purebred breeds at auction later this month, The Mail Reports.

The sale represents the slaughter of about a third of the royal stable. A source described it as “close to the Royal Sandringham farm in Norfolk”. Mail, “The Royal Stud could become a museum in three years. It would be a real shame.”

This week in royal history

A year ago today Buckingham Palace He was bathing in the green light Before the first ever Earthshot Awards. The brainchild of Prince William, the palace said, “has led a global search for the most inspiring and innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges.”

Unanswered questions

How will the Royal Assault Machine keep targeting the crown To preserve the reputation of King Charles, as the new season highlights the most scandal-ridden period of his life? What new access to Buckingham Palace would the public have if it simply became an operational headquarters?

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