Lake Cary has a view on January 6 hooligans being locked up for this long

a viral video From March, Arizona Republican nominee Carrie Lake appeared in the Australian Senate 60 minutes Rounds were held again this week. In it, Lake dodges questions about the possibility that Donald Trump will pardon the rioters on January 6, responding: “What I don’t like is that people are being held in prison without charges. That’s un-American.”

Lake, according to News agencygot one big thing wrong: the defendants on January 6 You have been accused. However, Lake makes a valid point about criminal justice that, under normal circumstances, Republicans might not normally make – that an absurd number of people are being held in this country for inhumane periods of time before they are given “quickly”. Experience.”

For example, according to A new report from the ACLU and the ACLU of Georgianearly half of the people held in Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail have not been formally charged with a crime.

Are you concerned about due process when it comes to imprisoned persons who he did not do Storming the Capitol and he did not do Trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power? No word on it, yet (in fairness, I suspect the chafing on both sides of the aisle is eclectic). But in the case of the January 6 rioters languishing in jail before trial, Lake’s letter is worth hearing.

Months have passed since I first raised this issue, and it’s worth asking the question: Whatever happens to those things relating to the defendant’s right to a speedy trial? I mean, I’m sure I I read about it somewhere.

Recently, 34 of the defendants on January 6 signed a letter Describing the capital prison as there Medieval Standards of Living and Infernal Conditions. They said they were “trapped in the miserable frontiers of cruel and unusual punishment,” and I believe them.

Sure enough, MAGA’s right has proven adept at playing the victim, turning themselves into martyrs, and otherwise taking over America (in the letter, they They demand their transfer to the military prison at Guantanamo Bay). But I’m more than willing to believe it Capital Prison is definitely Hell.

I am not suggesting that we tolerate the alleged perpetrators of January 6th. Maybe we should throw the book on most of them. In fact, I might support harsher The sentences that many will receive. But for now, at least, they seem to be being brutally punished — without being guilty. It has been going on for a long time now.

This, of course, deserves the caveats: first, it’s not as if all the troublemakers were arrested on the spot on January 7, 2021 (in fact, The FBI is still trying to identify people). Second, a true criminal justice hawk could make the case that these rioters were “rebels” involved in an act of “rebellion” – a condition that could justify suspending a habeas corpus.

Third, it is not so nothing is happening. at least 417 people have already begged guilty of crimes in relation to January 6, and According to NBC News“The vast majority of them were not detained before trial.”

It is clear that some alleged criminals must be detained prior to trial. As liberals like the governor of Wisconsin (and the Democratic nominee for the US Senate) Mandela Barnes learnssuspects who have allegedly demonstrated violent behavior should not be allowed out on bail if there is reason to believe that they may bypass the city and/or pose a threat to public safety.

I’m willing to believe that the January 6 rioters who are still being held are, for the most part, really bad people. And let’s be honest, it takes time to investigate and build a case. On top of all that, the COVID-19 is causing epidemics to accumulate.

We have to be patient. There’s a reason this column wasn’t written for him twenty one months. The wheels of justice spin slowly. Regardless, at some point, they have to turn around.

That time has come.

Aside from the fact that holding people for so long without the benefit of a trial seems distinctly un-American, there is another practical reason for this really bad idea. As Daniel Meadow, author Banned: Why the innocent can’t get out of prison He told me that holding someone in prison for an extended period of time “may lead them to plead guilty to something they didn’t do just because they wanted to get out ASAP and might get credit for their ‘time in prison’.”

And the biggest reason is that it makes us look like a banana republic.

The people who attacked the US Capitol on January 6 were trying to undermine our American values ​​and prevent our institutions from functioning properly.

In some cases, they did so because they really believed that the game was rigged and that liberal democracy was a joke.

Let’s not prove that they are right. Give them their day(s) in court already. This is how you show everyone that American institutions have survived.

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