The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah reveals the saddest part of Herschel Walker’s fake police badge

Before Trevor Noah signs off officially Daily Show Later this year, he’s the only host to air new episodes this week. Which means he was also the first host to get a crack at Herschel Walker for flashing a fake police badge in place and a discussion only with Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) over the weekend.

After Walker called it closed captioning’s “worst nightmare,” Noah ran over some of the many controversies “spinning around” the candidate, from his “attack on absentee parents despite being one” to his “opposition to abortion despite having paid for it.” All This led him to attempt Walker’s “propaganda” mid-debate as a way to address allegations that he lied about being a member of law enforcement.

“I don’t know what’s crazier about this story,” said the host. “The fact that this guy lied about being in law enforcement, or the fact that he pulled a fake badge during a debate!” Furthermore, Walker defended himself in a Monday morning interview by responding to the National Sheriff’s Association’s assertion that the “honorary” badge is purely symbolic.

“It almost makes me wonder, How many people have Herschel Walker arrested?” Noah asked. He also wondered if Walker was using the “world’s best dad” cup to prove he’s not an absentee dad.

He continued that the “sadest part” of the story was that “there are people who will think Herschel Walker was in law enforcement because he pulled that badge.” The South African comedian explained that during his time in America, he learned that if “people see it, they believe it.”

“But it is my honor!” Noah added, comparing the badge to Taylor Swift’s honorary doctorate from New York University. “But you don’t see her in the operating room like, ‘Okay, I killed another one! “

Finally, he said, if there is a “positive side” to this controversy, it is that Georgia voters do not really need to elect Walker to the US Senate. Noah joked, “They can just give him a certificate that says ’emerorary senator.’ He won’t know the difference!”

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