TikTok Mom faces backlash for removing ‘Unibrow’ for her 3-year-old daughter

  • A mom went viral on TikTok after she filmed herself waxing her three-year-old daughter.
  • This led to a heated debate online, with some users saying the baby was too young to be waxed.
  • The mother defended her decision, saying she wanted to prevent her child from being bullied.

TikToker has doubled down on it after posting a video showing how it waxed her three-year-old daughter’s eyebrows so she wouldn’t have a ‘unibrow’, saying it was Basic grooming And this has “no regret.”

Lea Garcia, who has 262,000 followers, posted the virus video On October 4, the clip showed her placing a small wax strip on her daughter’s forehead and tearing it apart. Garcia’s daughter frowned and said, “Ah, mom,” in response.

An on-screen caption in the post wrote, “I’d rather you call me a bad mom before I let my 3-year-old daughter run around with one piece like my parents did.”

As of Wednesday, Garcia’s clip had received more than 30 million views and sparked a wave of criticism.

Several notable comments under the video were positive, saying that Garcia was “protecting” her daughter from being bullied for having “one straps” and that her child would thank her later in life. But in the days after its launch, TikTokers began echoing Garcia’s video to say they disagreed with her decision.

One wrote, “I hope that when she grows up she will realize that her fears have been imposed on her by the one who was supposed to make her feel the most beautiful in this world, poor child.” user In a video that garnered 1.1 million views. The top comment below the post read, “You’re right too; it’s already teaching her to hate something normal about herself like what.”

Another user said, “Teaching a young child that their naturally growing facial hair is wrong or that they need to get rid of it… is irreparable psychological damage.” added In her comment she said she thought “this kid is too young to have to worry about all this beauty standard crap.”

On October 7, Garcia published a Video statement In response to the “fuss” her publications were subjected to, by saying that she was sticking to her decision to wax her daughter’s eyebrows so that her peers would not bully her.

“I will accept the hate and ridicule of millions of people, like me now,” she said. “I would have taken that right on my chin before I would allow my children to get hurt by someone else’s words for something I could easily fix.”

Garcia has gone on to post several follow-up videos addressing the constant criticism she has received from other TikTok users.

One of them commented, “We teach her to love herself, but we also teach her the basics of taking care of her.” MailAdding that “retouch is necessary” in another word video. Others accused their critics of “Take out their problems from their mothers on me.

Garcia Keep posting videos About raising her kids, along with more general content about lifestyle and beauty, on TikTok.

It did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

According to the advice column published by Mayo ClinicMany hair removal methods are “safe and there are no age restrictions”. However, a medically reviewed article on BabyCenter.com Parents are advised not to wax hair on a young child’s face “because their skin is very sensitive and they may have an allergic reaction.”

As Insider previously reported, moms typically receive backlash for sharing details about controversial parenting decisions on social media. In early October, one mother said she received a “shocking” amount of hate online after using TikTok to document her decision to breastfeed her son until age 2, a concept known as extended breastfeeding.

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