Who is Ashley at Abbott Elementary School? Meet Keila Monterosso Mejia from Curb Your Enthusiasm

We’ve spent the past year learning about the essence Abbott Elementary And now, there’s another beloved ball in the teacher’s lounge. After teasing her two episodes since, the entire series featured Ashley (Keyla Monterroso Mejia), Melissa’s new assistant (Lisa Ann Walter).

Of course, it can’t actually be Ashley Helper, helper, helpful, benefactor helps. That would make things very easy for Melissa, who was known for her no-nonsense educational vibe and her general outlook on life. Melissa hated the whole idea of ​​helping from the start: although she is exhausted by teaching a second and third class simultaneously, she prefers to be independent and responsible.

But in the third episode of the season, managing the class becomes very difficult. At the end of the episode, Ava (Janelle James) sends help to Melissa’s classroom, and we’ll meet her for just a minute. Ashley Garcia certainly doesn’t seem quite appropriate for an eccentric teacher – she comes in Jennifer Lopez’s vocals and walks around.

We got to know Melissa and her complex family background in the past week paternity trapA themed episode, and now, back to her class. Ashley wreaks havoc on the balance founded by Melissa (or at least she was attempt to establish), play games with coins and perform a skeleton dance on Megan Thee Stallion’s “body”.

“Let’s learn about the human body,” Ashley shouts while Melissa, angry, splits the yard stick in half.

Ashley looks a lot like the character we already know Abbott ElementaryDirector: Ava Coleman. Preoccupied with the catchy spirit of pop culture – I can’t blame them, I’ve been constantly referring to Taylor Swift midnight If I’m teaching students how to tell time – Ava and Ashley can’t be bothered to actually do their work. And imagine what? The pair bond quickly after Melissa asks Ava to get rid of her new assistant.

Chaos ensues behind Melissa’s wildest nightmares. Ashley, fascinated by Ava’s “classic” (read: Zara 2019) resale auctions, decided she’d rather be the manager’s assistant. It prints labels, prepares packages for sale, and steams Ava’s clothes. Already a fun character, Ashley is made better by her quick connection to Ava, a match made in a scammer’s paradise.

Who is the comedy mastermind behind this new character? Keyla Monterroso Mejia plays Ashley, an actress you might recognize from Larry David curb your enthusiasm. Monterroso Mejia played Maria Sofia in the final season of the show, and bad-ass actress Larry David was forced to appear on his upcoming (fictional) TV show.

Fortunately, Monterroso Mejia is not a bad performer in real life; It makes a great addition to Abbott Elementary ejaculate. (You can also see Monterroso Mejia in the upcoming Toni Collete / Anna Faris comedy. Property.)

Melissa’s feud with Ashley isn’t completely resolved by the end of this episode, so hopefully there will be more of her in the coming weeks. We especially encourage her to be in the next episode, “Candy Zombies”, which she will be AbbottIt’s your first Halloween special. Ava is already planning a couple outfit for her and her new best friend. How sexy!

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