Final Summary of ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 1

Westeros is about to burn. At least, that’s the general feeling of his fans Dragon House It was left after Sunday night’s dramatic season finale. In many ways, the first season of the HBO series prequel to a historical fantasy drama Game of thrones I felt as a preamble for what was to come. With the exception of the last three, each episode has pushed fans forward in time to reveal the key moments that climaxed in the tenth and final episode. Now that the stage is set for the Dance of Dragons – the war we’ve been waiting for – we’re left wondering what awaits us in the homes of Targaryen, Hightower, Velaryon, and the rest of Westeros.

Below, we get to seven big questions Dragon House It left us thinking as we wait for season two.

This article contains spoilers from the conclusion Dragon House.

Who told Daemon about Lucerys’ death?

Luke’s horrific death in the final moments of the season finale will likely move everything we’ll see in Season 2. He was maintaining the composure of his mother, Queen Rhaenyra. But as soon as she learned of the death of her second son—at the hands (and teeth) of her half-brother, Eamond Targaryen, and his dragon Vagar—Rainera unleashed the rage boiling within her, a reaction that loses any grief she had suffered up until then for a moment.

Who conveys the tragic news to her? None other than her husband, Prince Damon Targaryen. But as Daemon steps forward at his wife’s council to share the news, we can’t help but wonder how Daemon learned of his stepson’s death, not to mention the horrific circumstances of his death. Did Aemond admit to what happened in the sky above Storm’s End? And knowing how excited Satan is to plunge the world into war, dragon fire and all of that, we’re curious to know why Daemon knew Luke had died so quickly.

Who will pay for Luke’s death?

Needless to say, Season 2 will bring some form of revenge for Luke’s death. But revenge takes many forms in Westeros. While war is clearly at King’s Landing’s doorstep, how Rhaenyra will choose to avenge her son’s death is another matter entirely. To make matters worse, Luke’s death is a traumatic character: the second son of Rhinera’s childhood friend took the life of Rinera’s second child. Just as her ex-best friend Queen Aliscent sought to respond when her son Aemond’s eye was removed from Aliscent, I’m sure Reinera will take a similar personal approach to ensuring her son does not die in vain. eye for an eye; son to son

Is King’s Landing ready for battle?

King’s Landing is better prepared for the fight in season two. Lord Corlys Velaryon already has a sound plan in place to cut King’s Landing off from the rest of Westeros. While the epic battle sequence Game of thrones He is known to be put to the side in favor of politics Dragon HouseIn the first season, the second season will undoubtedly see the kingdom put on the torch.

What we don’t know is how King Aegon II, Queen Dowager Aliscent and Otto Heitor, Hand of the King, will respond to Lord Philaerion’s attacks. Speaking of which, will Otto continue to pit Aliscent, his daughter and childhood friend of Rainera, against each other to wage this war? We’ve seen before how far family members will go to maintain power, even if it means turning on each other – so we wouldn’t be surprised if this kind of manipulation will be a major tactic in Season 2.

Did the devil train that dragon?

“Dreams didn’t make us kings. Dragons did. That’s what the Demon Prince tells his niece Queen Rinera during their one-on-one confrontation in the season finale. Not long after making such a clever observation, we find the Devil in the Dragonstone Caves singing a little, and what then, a dragon who didn’t Nobody demands it.

Who is this monster? HBO has since confirmed Via Twitter This is vermithor. An enormous creature, Vermithor was originally Mount King Jaehaerys Targaryen. Taking the creature for her could give Rhinera more legitimacy as queen, something Otto Hightower – hand to her late father King Viserys, father of her childhood friend Queen Aliscent, grandfather of King Aegon II, and notorious usurper – urges her at the end of the season. So who will ride Vermithor? Only time will prove it.

Are you going to tell Rhinera to anyone else about A Song of Ice and Fire?

Queen Rhinera’s legitimate claim to the Iron Throne lies not only in her publicly calling her father’s true successor in front of the kingdom’s dignitaries. her knowledge of Ice and Fire Songthe ominous prophecy unfolding in Game of thrones, is the greatest responsibility she bears as a sovereign. At the end of the season, comes Rhaenyra So She came close to telling Prince Demon of the prophecy entrusted to her by her late father, King Viserys.

That Rhaenyra holds this secret and understands its importance is enough to encourage her to take back what is rightfully hers. But if you fail to reclaim the throne in time, will you reveal the secret of the Song of Ice and Fire to anyone else? Or will the knowledge of prophecy end with it until it is renewed again after more than 100 years? Game of thrones?

Will we meet the families from the Seven Kingdoms?

part of what he made Dragon House Well done in its first season was the politics that took place between the three main families: the Targaryens, Hightowers, and Velaryons. But all season long, we’ve been getting glimpses of the homes of Baratheon, Aryn, Stark, and Lannister. Now that the Great Powers and the Targaryens have gathered their allies and prepare for war, we have a sense of just how much Dragon House It will expand past Dragonstone and King’s Landing. Whether it’s next season or next season, we’re committed to a trip north to visit the Starks and likely see more VIPs entering the fray.

What’s wrong with the gems in Ein Aymon?

I don’t know about you, but I am stunned by that brilliant blue stone that occupied the place where Emond’s left eyeball was holding. it is blue; It’s shiny it gives White Walker. I probably read a lot on Aemond’s selection of eye socket jewelry. But to come from a family referred to by the color of their house, “greens,” wouldn’t Emond have gone with emeralds? Every detail in the world of Westeros is up for scrutiny, and those gems will stay in my mind until we return to Westeros for season two.

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