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In the battle of the DC and Marvel movie worlds, there has always been a clear winner: Marvel. Marvel, for example, has created a consistent cinematic world (it’s own term) — a world with good humor, thrillers, and a sense of fun fit for a comic book. on the other side? He had Zack Snyder, a manager who is allergic to every color of the rainbow and then some.

But this week, DC made its best move ever: handing the keys over to James Gunn. The Guardians of the Galaxy The director proved his comedic hits under House Marvel, and when he fired him briefly due to some bad old tweets (tres classique), the capital cleverly lapsed. suicide squad It was an irrelevant comeback of the awful 2016 suicide squadAnd, not only was it a cheerful, fun and engaging watch, but it did what DC needed to do all along. You have created a world of multidimensional characters that are worth investing in.

Literally the night before word broke that James Jean was joining Aquaman Producer Peter Safran As the new president of DC Films, I’ve been talking about his exact entitlement to this job. I’m still thinking about the football opening suicide squad, after every thing; Not even 10 minutes in, Pete Davidson’s face explodes. You think his character, Blackguard, will be one of the pioneers in the movie, being Pete Davidson and all of them. Instead, Jean acts in a totally horrific and terrifying manner. It is total. He is evil. It’s exactly what we need most in today’s action movies. (Sorry Pete.)

between suicide squad The HBO Max spin-off peace makerEasily one of the best shows of 2022 Gunn has actually done a better job of getting me interested in D.C. in one year than any of his predecessors in the past 10 years.

DC has had some non-Gunn wins here and there, like a billion dollars total Aquaman And Patty Jenkins is well received amazing woman. And it’s not as if the Snyder films didn’t print money either; Unfortunately like man of steelAnd the Batman vs Supermanthe controversial Organo Gold cut of Justice Squad It was, people saw them. People didn’t like it, but they saw it.

But for years, DC’s dwindling storytelling and poorly connected heroes have failed to beat the mainstream — floundering in all areas where Marvel has excelled. It tells us that the most successful DC movies of late, from a critical perspective, are the ones that subvert or lie outside the expanded universe. joker Won two Oscars! wild birds The Harley Quinn was a delightful female-focused car! Batman The 30-year-old Nirvana has made “Something in the Way” very popular again! None of them have anything to do with the Snyderverse, thank God for that.

Bringing someone in with the Marvel experience is not only smart, but important. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, right? After Marvel dumped James Gunn, it sowed the seeds of discord in the MCU fan base. Guardians of the Galaxy She was loved for blending a colorful visual style and comic style with a fun, previously unknown cast of heroes. yes, The sequel was really badbut unlike the other bad Marvel movies, vol. 2 She shares her ancestor’s silly spirit, which makes it fun if you forget her. And no one who didn’t live and breathe Marvel comics knew who the super tree Groot was before 2014, and thanks to Gunn, every little kid now has a Groot doll and backpack.

For Marvel to kick Gunn to the curb during pre-production for vol. 3 To tweet elusive jokes about child sexual abuse several years ago was an unpopular decision. Fans rallied for Jean’s return, along with his team vowing not to work with anyone else the next day guardians Film, for the studio to bring it back. So it finally worked out, but it wasn’t a great look.

Gunn is the rare author who works in the superhero genre and has won acclaim for his style. Zack Snyder’s polarizing sharpness, dimly lit, slow-motion-loving, mid-2000s style is an acquired taste. Gunn’s campy comedy, drawn on the scandalous B-movie making career prior to his work at Marvel, is a much more palatable aesthetic. this is the reason suicide squad And the peace maker Works well: Their bloody savage blood was softened by a wink at how ridiculous all this was. Their sense of humor isn’t scary or coercive, but it’s character-based and well suited to the superlative tone.

The Peacemaker (John Cena) himself is the perfect embodiment of this aesthetically pleasing, unabashed muscular hero with a penchant for sex jokes, hair metal, and brainteasers. Few directors could make a character like him likable; Just look at black Adam, DC’s latest entry in its main cinematic story. This movie was completely wrong, relying on its grim, bleak atmosphere and poor connection to well-known DC heroes. But Gunn’s peacemaker is as sympathetic as he is extremely powerful (and ridiculous). Powered by a great variety of eccentrics, legitimate thrillers, and a story that begs for a comic book mod, peace maker It’s one of the most fun superhero projects I’ve seen in years.

As DC moves forward with projects in the works before Gunn takes charge on November 1, questions remain about when and how his mark will make his mark. black Adam Ending with – Spoiler alert! – Tease for Superman Returns. Superman actor Henry Cavill has since confirmed that a new Superman movie is in the works. But Snyder is unrelated to that, which provides an opportunity for Gunn and co. To revamp the current DC Universe mode of Superman. Ditch the brave brave Clark Kent. In with… a guy who wears a cloak and socks, and can have a bit of a sense of humor about how ridiculous that is.

Giving Gunn complete control of DC’s future is an incredibly smart move for DC, especially since Warner Bros. Discovery faces the heat from superhero fans to destroy a host of projects. bat girlThe studio’s cancellation in August left the studio without fans, along with other superhero shows and movies exclusively. The DC universe needs a reset, both creatively and commercially. Gunn has a vision that’s already proven proven – one that fans have demonstrated over and over again. It’s time to give DC fans something to look forward to again, and James John is the best person possible to deliver that.

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