Watch the ‘Tár’ actress lose her charm on chicken wings

as her movie tar Expanding to theaters across the country, Cate Blanchett has another masterpiece to reveal: her appearance hotwhere she tasted the “Symphony of Hot Sauce”.

The Academy Award-winning actress visited talk show Shawn Evans to participate in the Hot Wings/Hot Sauce Challenge, and her spoiler alert, she did. shockingly we will.

“I’m really scared,” Blanchett says at the top of the episode, “but I think that’s the closest we know what menopause feels like.” “Spicy food, I love!” But look, I’m already sweaty.” Blanchett sheds the first layer of clothing in a matter of minutes, before the first hot wing touches her tongue.

For those unfamiliar, Hot Ones enlists A’s to eat as many wings as possible with hot sauces of increasing spice levels. They can get milk and ice water to help them out, as they answer Evans’ questions about their personal and professional lives while smothering smoldering fried chicken.

Among the past celebrity guests Paul RoadAnd the Millie Bobby BrownAnd the Kiki Palmer،, whose popular appearances inspired a wave of sweat and finger licking Memes with milk and others Still photos with teary eyes that was re-circulated on a larger scale from Renaissance art. Hot mocked by SNL And even his own spin-off on Netflix. Together with Her Majesty Cate Blanchett, hot off pioneer tar press tourthis defining episode is set for greatness.

The actress starts off strong, though she is worried about one side of the challenge. “Has anyone ever delivered?” asks Blanchett. Evans assures her that no one is vomiting yet — on the actual set, that is. He asks her if she will go. “not yet.”

Next, the pair delves into the state of Blanchett’s career. She starred in two big films this year: tarof course, and the upcoming stop-motion animation modification of Guillermo del Toro for Pinocchio, where a monkey voted. Husband starts talking about it tar; Blanchett compares the film to this ongoing “hot sauce symphony” that Evans directs.

“The strangest thing is to prepare in silence. You have the note in front of you, and you imagine the music in your head,” Blanchett says of the film. “This is your instrument. You hear the sound I imagined, but when you have an orchestra like that, it’s better than I ever imagined. It was really addictive, actually.”

after, after tar, she was talking about her monkey voice. There isn’t much in this part of the chat really – Blanchett is simply screaming, which could just be a reaction to the hot sauce. However, the most endearing part about Blanchett’s monkey voice is that while developing it, she just wanted to make Guillermo del Toro laugh. How charming is this.

As the temperatures rise, so does Blanchett’s sense of humor. She’s kidding that turmeric is good for her gut as she switches to mid-range hot sauces. Talking about Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn the pilotAnd Blanchett admits that one of the hardest parts of this role was to play golf.

“I don’t understand leaf blowers and I don’t understand golf,” she says. Shawn asks her –leaf blowers??? “Move the leaves to one place only to come back again? Then you say, ‘Oh, I’m going to blow them again.’ The gardeners, their faces, know what they’re doing is stupid.”

Shots have been fired! World Leaf Blower, Cate Blanchett Not Afraid to fight you.

Too many wings and too much zing from the hot sauces leads to some indigestion, so Blanchett starts burping. She tries to hide her burp, but she can’t help it. “Sorry, Mom,” Blanchett says. “You should never burp in public.”

Before reaching the final round, Blanchett owns one final show for Evans. They started chatting about her origin story Documentary now! Appearances — which actually showcased the ideas behind her latest episode — and the actress offered Evans a role on the show.

“If you see a documentary that you think is a parody spread, let us know,” she says. And then, a better idea: “How can we parody [Hot Ones]? Make a documentary about yourself, and I’ll send it to Seth [Meyers]Then I can play you. This is a dead idea, isn’t it? “

Hot Ones episode of Documentary now? This is something we all would definitely like to see. Instead of hot sauce, they will eat straight snake venom, and instead of personal questions, they will have to play Agree or not while they eat. something like this.

Blanchett made it to the end of the hot sauce challenge, but she almost cried at the end. She hates the final sauce. You can hardly get the word out tar It came out of her mouth—I was able to tell that she and Nina Hoss play “husband and wife” in the movie, which is cool—as the credits rolled in. But, hey, Cate Blanchett won Hot Ones, and that’s all that matters today.


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