Season 2 premiere of “The White Lotus”

There was so much to keep track of last night white lotus Season 2 premiere. Are four sprinkles of Aperol perched over the table of Aubrey Plaza and his co-workers there to make couples look annoyingly modern, or is it just a signature Italian drink? How did Michael Imperioli manage to get even hotter after that soprano? And was that an artificial bird between Theo James’ legs or just a sign from God?

With all these questions and more between the silly lines and social commentary by Mike White Ian, you may have missed the veil of Easter eggs. Halfway through the episode, we cleverly deal with the “reunion” of Mike White and Laura Dern, who starred in Wyatt’s perpetually underrated drama in 2011, enlightened.

You will be forgiven for not recording it. But as a self-proclaimed Dernian, my ears immediately woke up upon hearing a phone conversation between Imperioli’s character, Dominic, and his ex-wife, Abby. At first, I doubted myself. We can’t be that lucky! But at the bell of the voice on the other it began to vibrate and to pass on the curses thrown right and left, I knew it was true: this could only be Dern.

Dominic has arrived at The White Lotus Sicily with his father and son to visit his father’s hometown in hopes of meeting long-lost relatives. At the same time, he was trying to adapt to the idea of ​​a family after the dissolution of his marriage.

Dom seems kind to the family’s withdrawn dynamic, and funds a trip to try and get a little closer to them and make up for some lost time. Later in the episode, we find out that Dom was the one who summoned the escorts to terrorize the resort staff, citing the fact that he may not have always been completely loyal in his marriage. But despite hints about his past transgressions, Dom tries his best to repair his relationship with his son Albee (Adam de Marco) on their journey.

Too bad, not all parties involved think it will be that easy.

When Dom sits down to make a phone call to Abby to let her know they’ve arrived at the resort just fine, things immediately get controversial. He says, “My dad’s not at his best,” and Abby replies, “I’m in the middle of something, Dom, okay?” ouch. Now F. Murray Abraham is catching the stray?

“now only World Health Organization Is that the familiar sound on the phone? With all the hype surrounding the second season of white lotusI knew he had to be a big guy. Cate Blanchett voices masked partygoers at closed eyes big. You don’t have a character sitting alone on the bed in the middle of the big premiere of a two-minute phone call scene and you don’t hang an A-lister to be on the other line.

It only took two more lines, an injection of trapped indignation, and a couple of decibels to figure it out: This is America’s sweetheart, Laura Dern! Inspired authors Taylor Swift, David Lynch, and Laura Dern! Best Supporting Actress Winner to say, “Father’s not there, he didn’t even do the damned!” in marriage storyLaura Dern!

There’s no Emmy Award for Best Guest Appearance over the phone (at least, not yet; I have word that they carved a special statue of Mrs. Dern), but if there was, the race would be completed. While Dom and Abby are talking on the phone, Dom remains calm and collected, while Abby slowly spins around in complete anger. After learning that their daughter is upset with him after Abby tells her the secrets of their marriage, Dom tries to reason with her. “Albee is here, he’s not upset,” he told her. “Yeah he’s ridiculous, he just doesn’t want to fight you!” Abby spits again. “He is a sensitive and kind young man, and I honestly don’t know how that happened. Hell surely didn’t take it from you.”

After being verbally beaten and unable to tell where to go next, Dom chooses a simple “I’m sorry.” He was soon cut short by Abby, who launched herself at him again and gave us another entry into Laura Dern Screaming in the Men Cinematic Universe – something we’ve all been desperately needing for a new entry, having been given endless material across two seasons. Big Little Lies.

“Shut up, Dom,” says Abby. “Shut up, damn sorry, really. OK? Enough. I don’t care [how it all goes]always! I’ve wasted enough of my life! I don’t want you to call me anymore. Oh my God please. It’s over, okay! leave me alone! Seriously, fuck you. Go fuck yourself you fucking piece of fucking shit!

Ah, like a choir of angels, right? I know I feel spiritual cleansing. It is not yet known if Dern will appear on camera later this season or not, but he is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities. If season 2 of white lotus Is anything like the first, the biggest and loudest surprises will come when we least expect them.

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