Summary of the second season premiere of “The White Lotus”

Our prayers have been answered: white lotus It’s finally back on HBO. No more dragons and no (hopefully) incest — instead, we’ve got rich husbands and farting grandparents. Yes, one of the best TV shows ever is back and bigger than ever. Get ready for bountiful male genitalia!

But before we get into the many bars – double seduction – from white lotus season 2 (tranceYou’ve been challenged, let’s set the scene. We’re now in Sicily, still in The White Lotus resort chain, but with a whole new cast of characters. In the first scene, we meet the sassy Daphne (Megan Fahey) on her last day at the resort. During her last dive in the bright waters of the Mediterranean, she swims in a dead body. Uh!

Unlike in season 1, we know that the corpse is not from the hotel’s main concierge (RIP Armond). Instead, we met up with Director Valentina (Sabrina Impacciator) shortly after the body was found. Her dreary assistant Rocco (Federico Ferrante) approaches her near the shore: many guests have died. Although The Ocean isn’t a hotel property, something fishy is afoot in The White Lotus once again.

Then we were taken back to the start of the week, where we met the new guests at The White Lotus as they took the boat ashore. As always, author/director/writer Mike White does a great job introducing us to the group. This includes the return of the vacationer Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) from Season 1, and she returns with her swarm of bags and her new assistant, exhausted at the age of 20 (Halle Lou Richardson).

They are joined in the journey of an Italian-American boy, including the kind and sassy grandfather Bert de Grasso (F. Murray Abraham), cheating father Dominic (Michael Imperioli), and his adorable son Albee (Will DiMarco). Finally, the real worm: There’s a couple’s double trip here, too, with Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Ethan (Will Sharp) Spiller joining Ethan’s college friend Cameron (Theo Sharpe) and his wife Daphne. You may remember that it was Daphne who found the body.

The second season of “The White Lotus” takes place in Sicily.

Fabio Lovino / HBO

Quite set up! And that’s not all: Although they’re technically not guests, a sex worker and her inquisitive best friend roam the outskirts of the hotel, hungry to seduce American tourists. Lucia (Simona Tabasco) already has a client, and Mia (Beatrice Grannò) is showing interest in getting into the business. But Valentina does not want them.

“They’re fast sluts!” I screamed, after they ran around the hotel, hiding from the staff. Put that into the Hall of Fame white lotus Quotes, next to Sidney Sweeney “Grandpa may have been at the bottom of power, does that make you feel better?” from the first season.

However, enough to talk about preparation – it’s time to get into the genitals of all that. We’ll start with Theo James, who, yes, clearly shows white lotus Season 2. His character’s last name is Babcock. We should have seen this coming.

John Grace and Jennifer Coolidge.

Fabio Lovino / HBO

Cameron’s bag got lost in Rome, so he was left without a swimsuit upon his arrival in Sicily. Like any good friend, Ethan offers to lend him a pair of boxes while Cameron waits for his belongings to arrive on the island. Cameron and Harper head to the bedroom to bring Ethan’s swimsuits and some sunscreen to the table – but instead of changing in the bathroom like a normal person, the cat rips his pants right in front of Harper. Talk about a stranger, brother.

And yes, we see Schlong swing between his legs as he pulls up his pants. In honor of this unforgettable mega white lotus For the first time, I spoke with some of my colleagues at The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, who were just as shocked as I was when I saw He. She.

“He gasped as he swung his legs…” said Kevin Fallon, senior entertainment editor.

Entertainment critic Coleman Speld said: “What we need to know is if the device is synthetic. People are asking questions all over the town square.”

My opinion: What a year for Theo James. It’s not just about everything white lotusbut he also introduced himself to the tongue Time Traveler’s Wife. Yes, guys, he is the same as the youngest Pushes his mouth to the groin area And – you know the rest! The whole thing is that his character is traveling back in time to do foolish things, and to experience sexually, yada yada. That man lowest to me jokerAnd that’s my dedication to acting, baby.

Megan Fahey and Theo James.

Fabio Lovino / HBO

oh what is this? There are not enough genitals for you? Don’t worry, there is more! During a fancy hotel dinner, the De Grasso boys talk about their three generations of penises. I’m curious about Nonoo’s ability to have an erection, for some reason. Burt isn’t afraid to brag about the fact that, yeah, he still does, he just gets pissed off daily. Hey, a jerk a day keeps the doctor away, right?

Albee feels disgusted. “It appears that the body will naturally stop keratinizing once you are beyond childbearing age,” he argues. “It seems insulting. No girl should be exposed to an old man’s scrap.”

Burt replied, “It’s not like it was too sweet to look at anyway.” “I mean, it’s a penis! It’s not sunset.”

exactly. Another quote we will put under the best white lotus Sayings of all time.

And now we offer:

The five guests most likely to die

We are betting on who will die this season white lotus; After this episode, here are my top five picks for people who might turn bodies in just a few episodes.

  1. Dominic de Grasso: A hotel worker tells him a story about a woman who kills her lover when she discovers he has a wife. Dominic cheats on his wife, who comes home in Los Angeles and yells at him over the phone. If Lucia doesn’t kill him first, Dominic’s wife will jump on a plane to Sicily to come and kill him herself.
  2. Cameron Babcock: Daphne is alone on the beach at the beginning of the episode. Where’s her husband besides he’s so weird, he’s just Deserves until death.
  3. Nuno Bert de Grasso: Poor gramps have a bad fall at the beginning of the episode, which leads to a cute meeting of Albie and Portia, who beat her up. Since there have been multiple deaths in The White Lotus Sicily, one of them could be the notable member of the Boys’ Journey. It is logical. Sorry, pops!
  4. Greg (John Grace): Tanya’s ex-boyfriend, who is now a husband, returns for season two, but something happened to him. He’s making a lot of phone calls, won’t answer Tanya’s texts, and shame his poor wife! Tanya, kill his ass!
  5. Harper Spiller: Daphne little love date line And all men who kill their wives, a possible indication of something ominous in the future. Since Daphne is finally alive, I’m going to place my last bet on Harper. Ethan is already tired of it.

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