How to increase your backpack space in Harvestella!

As in most RPGs, inventory space is essential in Harvestella. If you don’t manage it well enough, you’ll end up running out of backpack space in the middle of the dungeon. This inconvenience will make you go back to your house to drop all your stuff so you can go back to loot the area you were in. Your inventory space determines the number of healing items you can bring with you and the resources you can carry back. That’s why it’s important to increase your inventory space whenever possible. This guide will show you how to maximize your backpack space at Harvestella.

How to upgrade your backpack at Harvestella

When you start the game, you will have a good 16 space backpack. While this seems like a lot compared to some games, you will soon realize that you can completely fill this space with little effort thanks to the game’s many resources such as copper and silver ore. Fortunately, you won’t need to play the game very long to unlock the ability to upgrade your backpack.

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Before you can upgrade your inventory space, you need to complete one task; You need to unlock the entire village of Lethe. This won’t take long because you just need to complete the introduction. Once this is complete, you will be allowed to access the general store. Talk to the store owner and you’ll see that they sell items to learn to hunt, some seeds, and upgrade the backpack’s inventory.

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Upgrading the second level will cost you 500 grills that can easily be obtained by selling your crops and any additional resources you find in dungeons early in the game. This upgrade will expand your inventory by an additional eight spaces. However, a second backpack upgrade will cost 10,000 Grilla, so you’d better start saving the extra pennies. You will get more valuable items later after unlocking the bombs so you can pay for the more expensive upgrades in the game.

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