How the Amulet of Yggdrasil works in God of War Ragnarok!

The Yggdrasil amulet is a valuable piece of equipment that you can unlock as you progress in God of War Ragnarok. Comes with Kratos’ obsession after defeating Nidog while visiting Vanaheim. The amulet has to do with the tree the creature was defending, the Yggdrasil World Tree. Although the monster is gone, the amulet can do a lot to help Kratos. Here’s what you need to know about how the Yggdrasil amulet works in God of War Ragnarok.

What does Yggdrasil’s amulet do in Ragnarok’s God of War?

The Yggdrasil Amulet is an item that you will use below the Armor category. The amulet will only have two slots when you first have it. These slots are enchantments and provide additional passive benefits to Kratos as he advances through the nine worlds, giving him additional powers while in combat.

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You can read about magic by hovering over it before placing it in the available places. For example, the first thing you get, Midgard’s Endurance, provides a cooldown bonus. The enchantment item also comes with a bonus if you have another Midgard enchantment slotted into the amulet. If you find all three parts of a Midgard Enchantment set, you can unlock the feature that provides extra damage to all of Krato’s long-range attacks and abilities based on his cooldown, which means while using this set, you’ll want to increase his Cooldown state by using other armor attachments.

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You only start with two of the ten slots available in the amulet. However, you can unlock these other slots by going to Sindri and Brok’s shop while exploring the game.


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