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How to defeat Nidhogg in God of War Ragnarok!

Nidhogg is the guardian of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, in God of War Ragnarok. It is her duty to protect the roots of the tree, blocking the way for Kratos to advance further in his adventure with Freya. The only way to free Freya from her prison is to defeat Nidhogg. Here’s what you need to know about how to defeat Nidhogg in God of War Ragnarok.

How to beat Nidhogg in God of War Ragnarok

Nidhogg will explode from a rupture of worlds, trying to keep you away from the roots that bind Freya. You will need to fight it from this tear during the first part of the fight. You’ll want to do this at close range, hitting the creature as far as you can with your fists, the Leviathan Ax, or the Blades of Chaos. Many of the attacks you use here will be used in different parts of the fight, so it’s good to get used to them now.

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The creature will try to use its claws to get you out of this position. We start from one side and then move to the other. This is easily avoided. If you see her claws start to glow a distinct purple glow, she’s about to unleash Bifrost’s attack, which he does by hitting the ground near him. You’ll want to create some distance between you and the creature whenever you see this happen.

Nidhogg’s tail will also launch Bifrost’s attacks. The tail will appear in front and pulled from the side. Although it runs through the entire arena, you can dodge under it if you time it correctly. The tail will also go vertically towards you, making it easier to dodge. These attacks appear in other parts of the confrontation and are similar, but for example, with more horizontal strikes before unleashing a vertical one.

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When Nidhogg’s tail comes out with a red ring and hits the ground, it will have a distinct blue ring around it. You can interrupt this upcoming attack by charging at it and double clicking the block button, which briefly makes Nidhogg amazing. While he is stunned, you can deal the most damage against him, and later in the confrontation, Freya will try to help you.

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In the end, Kratos will remove Nidhogg from his rip between worlds and toss him through the ring. When thrown to a pole in another area, Nidhogg will perform many of the same attacks he uses against him. His tail will still move across the ring and hit you with Bifrost, he will still try to slam you with his claws, he will try to hit his tail down to the ground, which you can then hit to stun him.

An additional move she can use during this part of the confrontation is that she can now send her tail through the tears amongst the worlds, to appear where Kratos is standing. You’ll want to wait until you see a red ring appear next to you before performing a dodge, and avoid the attack. If infected, these will also damage Bifrost.

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As this encounter progresses, Freya will place the runes on the shaft, and the tree that Nidhogg uses to overlook you. When he’s on the shaft, throw a leviathan axe at the shaft to take him down. When Nidhogg is on the tree, use the Blades of Chaos to burn and bring it down. As it nears the end of the fight, Nidhogg will be in the center of the arena. During this confrontation, hitting it with your weapons will do a small amount of damage, but the best way to really damage it is to interrupt and stun the blue ring tail strike for a while.

When you return to the starting position, Kratos will go through the animation and end the creature’s life alongside Freya. Once this happens, Freya will be free, and a movie scene will begin.

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