Is there a New Game Plus in Sonic Frontiers? Answered!

Some people are looking to complete the games they put hours into so they can play them again in New Game Plus. This is usually a tougher mode that lets you follow the unlocks from your first game so you can test yourself a bit more. With Sonic Frontiers moving to an open-area exploration mode to play, you might be wondering if you’re getting a New Game Plus mode to complete the main story. Here is your answer.

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Do you get New Game Plus mode to beat Sonic Frontiers?

Unfortunately for New Game Plus fans, Sonic Frontiers doesn’t have this feature, at least at launch. When you beat the main story, you unlock Arcade Mode, a menu option that instantly lets you select and play any of Cyber ​​Space’s 30 missions. That’s all you get for now, with no New Game Plus allowing you to start the story over with unlocking your skill tree and existing stats upgrades. You can reload an old save and still get the collectibles you didn’t get the first time, but if you start a new game, you’ll be from scratch and you’ll lose everything you’ve unlocked.

While some people are likely frustrated by the lack of a New Game Plus mode, Sonic Frontiers is the first time Sega has put its main spell in this direction. They may have one in the works, and it will likely come with an update or DLC in the future. However, as of this writing, no word has been received from Sega about this possibility. If there is an announcement of a future New Game Plus mode, we will update this article.


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