NBA 2K23: How to unlock J. Cole & Jack Harlow in MyTeam!

Sports games are no stranger to fantasy crossovers with other sports or celebrities. The innovative arcade game NBA Jam has become famous for putting famous characters in the game. Last year, NBA 2K brought The Game and Quavo to MyTeam for fans to use, and NBA 2K23 is now releasing the Crossover series. The first two cards in the series are music stars J Cole and Jack Harlow. In this guide, we’ll go through how to get these cards, how useful they are, and how you can earn XP towards level 40 of Devin Booker.

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How to unlock J. Cole & Jack Harlow in MyTeam

Screenshot from Gamepur

These challenges are as simple as they are in MyTeam. To find these challenges, go to the single player tab, open the challenges menu, and then go to Spotlight Challenges. You will see that this challenge center has three objectives and that when you finish them all, you will get a cosmetic basketball called the moon ball.

These challenges are all on Semi-Pro difficulty level, and they are all triple threat games to 21. The first and second games will see you unlock music stars, and in the third game, you have to use them to beat the NBA stars. Cole and Harlow both have shooting badges and three-point ratings in the ’80s, so shoot away. To win all challenges, you will get 89 OVRs of J. Cole and Jack Harlow as well as 10 MyTeam Tokens.

Agenda Rewards

For playing these challenges, you earn 750 XP for each challenge, which means that completing all of them will earn you 2250 XP. To finish the entire agenda set, you’ll also get a badge pack, which includes a random in-game badge ranked from bronze to gold.

It might be a good idea to get these challenges done sooner rather than later because the above tweet apparently indicates that these cards can be used for Win the Weekend which will run from 11/11 to 11/14. Moreover, if this is a continuous streak, the cards can be used for other purposes.


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