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Thursday’s papers: Booster update, teen drivers, and warm weekend | News

The Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services said that municipalities will be able to identify groups receiving a fourth dose of the Covid vaccine.

Keskisuomalainen reports that the reform of lowering the driving age to 17 may be delayed until next year.

Based in Tampere my oleh (Seret Twisin with phyllon) I mentioned about the Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, Krista Kero (SDP), announcing the expansion of access to booster vaccines for Covid-19.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Kerro said that the ministry’s recommendation is to provide fourth doses to those whose vaccination is considered justified by the doctor.

Municipalities, and soon welfare districts, will be able to identify groups of people who plan to provide doses of the vaccine – such as those who work in the healthcare sector.

“Municipalities or welfare districts can decide whether to follow the current recommendations of the Institute of Health and Care (THL). Although the department’s Covid-19 working group has made it clear that vaccines can be made available to people working in the healthcare sector, it is possible that not all providers They do it for one reason or another.”

Kerro added that her ministry is working to spread a fourth dose of the vaccine more widely, which will apply to most parts of the country, repeating her statements last month.

THL announced in October that it would not change vaccination recommendations for now. The institute currently recommends vaccines for people over the age of 65 and those in risk groups over the age of 18.

Kerro said she hopes the healthcare sector will quickly get involved in the Covid-19 vaccination and be able to administer both the Covid-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine at the same time.

Teen Driver Expansion Faces Delay

Keskisuomalainen (Seret Twisin with phyllon) You mentioned that the reform of lowering the driving age to 17 may be delayed until next year.

Kymäläinen . sauna (SPD), chair of the Parliament’s Transport and Communications Committee, told Uutissuomalainen that it will be postponed because the committee’s report is still being prepared. Initially, the new law was scheduled to enter into force at the beginning of October.

Parliament approves or rejects a government bill only once the commission’s report is ready.

According to Kymäläinen, the report may be delayed until the opening of parliament’s spring session, which begins on February 4.

On Monday, Uutissuomalainen reported, based on information from the National Police Board, that 17-year-olds with a driver’s license as an exemption from the law are more often guilty of seriously threatening road safety than their peers over a year old. or two years.

In August, the Finnish Road Safety Board said lowering the minimum age would be a mistake.

At the beginning of May, the government proposed a law that would allow 17-year-olds a limited right to drive in Class B with the consent of a guardian. Currently, the 17-year-old needs a statutory exemption permit to obtain a driver’s license.

Under the government’s proposal, the 17-year-old’s driver’s license would not allow them to drive between midnight and 5 a.m.

Not quite the weather in November in Finland

NextHetti (Seret Twisin with phyllon) You mentioned that the weekend is expected with exceptionally warm temperatures.

While November in Finland is usually portrayed as cold and gray, IL noted that Foreca expected the weather to turn out to be exceptionally warm and sunny in certain parts of the country.

“According to current forecasts, daytime temperatures will rise to between 9 and 13 degrees Celsius in the south and west of the country on Friday, with temperatures possibly reaching 14 to 15 degrees Celsius in Öland,” said meteorologist Anna Latvala.

On the other hand, no warmth will be felt across the country, as parts of Lapland may see up to 15 cm of snow.

With forecast weather systems moving over the weekend, Sunday – Father’s Day in Finland – appears to be the rainiest day of the week.

However, the warm weather is not expected to continue.

“By Tuesday morning at the latest, it will be very cold in southern Finland as well. Compared to the weekend, the first part of the week will be much colder,” according to a meteorologist at Vorka. Juha Fore IL said.

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