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‘Typo’ briefly makes man ‘Finland’s biggest earner’  | News

The founder of a company called Goofy Unicorn has been called the country’s biggest earner, but he says it was a “brain fart” when he introduced crypto earnings in a tax model.

Juhapekka Tapani Piiroinen Goofy Unicorn Companies Mailbox and 1337 Software. Photo: Danny Branthen/Yel

A man listed by the tax administration as Finland’s biggest profit in 2021 said that something had gone wrong, and that the mistake was most likely his own.

As is the case every fall, the tax authority, on Wednesday morning, published a list of people who earned more than 100,000 euros last year.

However, the person listed at the top surprised many.

The management said that Juhapekka Tapani Piiroinenthe president and sole employee of a company called Goofy Unicorn, is reported to have received €133.7 million.

The amount was much more than others on the menu.

However, shortly after the list was published, Pironen told Helsingin Sanomat that he must have made a mistake when he entered his income and that he was not making that kind of money.

“I bet when I made this announcement that evening, it was like a fart,” he said, referring to his submission of crypto earnings on an online tax administration form.

The IRS has confirmed to Yle that it has detected no sign of errors or fraud in its systems. A representative told STT that they had not yet received a correction request from Piiroinen until mid-morning on Wednesday.

In his late thirties, Piiroinen works as a programmer at Critical Force, a game company based in Kajaani. According to tax records, he earned about 50,000 euros from working for the company in 2021.

However, later on Wednesday, Berujnen told STT that his real income last year was around 26,000 euros.


The exact figure of €133.7 million is now believed to be linked to an inside joke born in the early days of the web.

1337 is a language used by some Internet users that replaces letters with numbers or symbols.

Over the years, the Leet-inspired language has evolved among programmers into a more prevalent slang on the Internet, with mixed numeric slang words including ‘Warez’ for software, ‘w00t’ as an exclamation of happiness and ‘n00b’ which translates to novice, or novice.

On his LinkedIn page, Piiroinen is listed as the founder of a company called 1337 Software in 2012. The official documents for his listed company, Goofy Unicorn, also include the number series.

The company also owns 133,700 shares. However, according to financial data services firm Suomen Asiakastieto, the value of Goofy Unicorn’s shares is nil.

Chief Programmer, CEO of Critical Force, Veli-Pekka Piirainentold Yle that he was shocked after the announcer asked about his employee’s massive earnings.

“We’ve been wondering the same thing here,” Berenin said. “We wouldn’t have a programmer with us anymore if he made that kind of income.”

Edited at 12:59 to clarify the definition of terms related to 1337.

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