Where to find Lunda’s Broken Cuirass in God of War Ragnarok!

While exploring the world of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok, one of Brok’s friends, Lunda, will have a mission for you. She left behind several pieces of armor throughout the Vanaheim Forest. If you find it, you can get it, but it’s broken, so you’ll need to have it fixed by Lunda or one of the other blacksmiths you know who can take a look at them. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Lunda’s Broken Cuirass in God of War Ragnarok.

How to find Lunda Broken Cuirass in God of War Ragnarok

You will need to look for it south of the River Delta. You can find it near the east side of the river, near Noatun Park. Unlike other broken weapons, you don’t need to travel far, like going further than Cliffside Ruins. When you reach the east side of the river, fight through the different creatures in the location, and take them down.

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After you dispatch the enemies, you will need to find a weak and unforgettable graphic wall that looks almost like a mirror. Approach the wall and interact with it. Kratos will take out his chisel and knock on the glass. On the other side of the wall you can find a chest with Broken Cuirass inside. You can return to Lunda at any time to repair the piece of armor, and you can start wearing it.

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We recommend that you complete the Garden for the Dead mission. It is in the same location and will have you remove poisonous totems in the area. You’ll need to destroy jars of fire to get past them, which is a quick activity to do while getting this piece of armor for your group.


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