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Genshin Impact – Nilotpala Cup: Debut Match quest guide!

Nilotpala Cup: Match 1 is one of the event missions in Fabulous Fungus Frenzy from Genshin Impact. This one will see players compete in the tournament with their team of fungi at last, hopefully beating their first opponent and qualifying for the rest. Here’s what you need to know.

Go to the Nilutpala Cup Arena and participate in the competition

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This quest follows the first Fabulous Fungus Frenzy quest, “The Most Awesome Tournament You’ve Never Heard of?” After it is completed, you will need to wait until the next morning (8am-10am) before returning to the Nilutpala Cup Circuit in Port Ormos to continue your mission.

When you arrive, you will see a short scene with organizers Eichingen and Kautilya, as well as discover the electrically charged Cyno. Next, approach the bulletin board in the area to start the first fungus battle of the tournament.

Defeat your opponents

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In your first fight in the competition, you will face the screaming and conceited Ajilenakh Dash. She will have a team of four fungi to take on with her Dendro fungus as the main contender. It’s a good idea to complete the new Day 2 Fungus Capture challenges, as one of the new fungus you can catch is Pyro Fungus who has to make short work of Ajilenakh Dash’s Dendro Fungus. The Hydro Fungus Bongo-Head is a mandatory party member for this battle, so use their healing abilities when necessary and capture the Plauditory’s protection when it looks like they’re still using your fungus abilities.

Talk to Yae Miko

Upon winning your match and leaving the arena, you’ll come across Yae Miko and Layla, who will share their own experiences in the tournament and suggest heading elsewhere for a special fungus training. In the next scene, you will discover that you can make friends with your fungus even without using a wise orb, and everyone will spend some time bonding with their fellow lovers.

Find the source of the cry for help

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Towards the end of the scene, you will hear a cry for help. Head towards it – you can use the Four-Leaf Sigil to quickly conquer the site. Upon arrival, you will find the children safe and sound thanks to the nearby Haniyeh. She’ll tell you her plans when you win the tournament – using the power of a wise orb to eliminate all fungi for good.

Back to Nilutpala Cup Stadium

Upon separation from Haniyeh, you will meet again with Yae Miko and Layla, who are proposing to return to Port Ormos to find out what to expect in the later stages of the tournament, all qualifying has now ended. Head to the site, fast-traveling if desired, to find out who your next opponent will be. There are still 32 opponents, and your next showdown will be against Soka, who is protected by Yae Miko.

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