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How to complete Guiding Light in God of War Ragnarok!

Upon returning to Midgard in God of War Ragnarok, remnants of the ancient Tyre niche will spread across Lake Nine. The statue was broken during the battle of Kratos and Thor at the beginning of the game. If you check these pieces, you will have the opportunity to check every broken piece, and you will get runes on them that Kratos can read. Here’s what you need to know to complete Guiding Light in God of War Ragnarok.

All steps of the guide light in God of War Ragnarok

You can start this mission when you reach the northwest part of Lake Nine. We started this mission close to where you can find the Mourning Cottage next to the Mystic Gateway.

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There are three guide-light sites that you can find at Lake Nine. The fourth and final will be elsewhere, near the Shores of Nine. After examining the first part of the Tyre statue, the other part will be at Lake Nine east of your current location. It will be a photo helmet.

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From here, you’ll want to go southeast to find the next section of the Tyre statue. This will be the spear, and you can find it at the farthest point of all the broken pieces.

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You will now need to go back to the north, near where you found the second statue section. There will be a dead end area that you can bypass to the north and then turn left, passing part of the broken Tyre statue. On the other side, there will be a pair of Frost Gardungr waiting for you and you will need to send it. Once you eliminate them, go back to where you came from, and look to the left. There will be trees that you can burn, revealing the final runes of the Guiding Light side quest.

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