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How to complete Scent of Survival in God of War Ragnarok!

After your second return to Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok, several things will happen. With Freyr saved, you can play your next move, but Helka, the camp dog of Freyr’s group, heads off into the wild. She will try to keep you out of the camp. You can choose to follow it right away or at another time. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Scent of Survival in God of War Ragnarok.

All degrees of survival scent in God of War Ragnarok

Helka will lead you from the camp towards Western Barri Woods. You can reach this location on a boat, and you will need to travel up the river until you reach the nearest boat dock. The mission’s path point should lead you all the way through, allowing you to follow it every step of the way.

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You must fight through the jungle to follow Hilka’s path. First, you’ll need to face a handful of tufts, followed by a small band of Draugr. When you reach the end of the line, Kratos will remove the boat Freyr gave him at the end of the rescue. A firework will appear in the air showing their comrade Berger, lost in battle, as he rescues the group. Kratos can use it to fly through the sky but falls due to a dragon attack, and lands at a new location in Vanaheim, the Plains.

Upon reaching Earth, Scent of Survival will end, but the hunt for Birgir continues on the next mission, For Vanaheim! You receive this task immediately upon completion of Scent of Survival. You’ll want to complete this to find out what happened to Berger and if you can save him in The Plains. This site is viable for you to visit around your Ragnarok Theatre.

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