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How to complete The Lost Lindwyrms in God of War Ragnarok!

After the events of your adventure on Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok, Nidhogg’s absence is felt, especially by the other tree keeper, Rattatosker. After you return from Vanaheim and a handful of different events, he’ll ask you to pick up some of Nidhogg’s missing children, Lindwyrms, and bring them back to him to ensure he can take care of them appropriately. They will hide inside the gates of Yggdrasil that you find during your travels. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete The Lost Lindwyrms in God of War Ragnarok.

Where to find all lost Lindwyrms in God of War Ragnarok

There are six Nidhogg kids that you’ll need to find while exploring the game. Some of them will be behind specific locations that you can only get after you reach a certain point in the main story, which means you may want to progress through this before looking for where to find them.

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All Lindwyrm locations in Svartalfheim

There are four Yggdrasil cracks that you can find in Svartalfheim that contain the Lindwyrms. The first Yggdrasil fault will appear shortly after this fault in the formation. It will be available after visiting Forge when you get Kratos’ new weapon. Brok will show you how to traverse the bright yellow spots in the rocks, and you can use them to get to Lindwyrm.

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The second will be soon, in the Applecourt. You can access this site by backtracking through the mines where you found Google. Next, you will need to make your way to a location blocked by gold ore and destroy it using the explosive jar next to it. There are a few Grims and Bergsra blocking your way but continue to the next room after taking them out. There will be an air faucet that you can connect with the Draupnir Spear, after which you can access the area and the Yggdrasil Rift.

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The third is located in the northern region of Bounty Bay, on the island of Albrich. There is an air faucet there that you can use your Draupnir spear on and go up to the top of the platform. Again, you need to bypass a gate, and the Yggdrasil crack on the ship will contain the third Lindwyrm.

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Lindwyrm final at Alberich Hollow. You can get to this location by going to Dragon Beach, climbing the wooden platform, and throwing your spear into the air vent. Climb to the top, walk toward the dwarf statue, then turn left. Gold ore will block your way and fight against Ormstunga. After defeating them, Yggdrasil Rift will give you another Lindwyrm for the Svartalfheim area.

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All Lindwyrm locations in Vanaheim

There are two Lindwyrms in Vanaheim, both in The Crater. You can get to this area by completing Scent of Survival, which is available after saving Freyr from the Asgardians. After this point, and completing Scent of Survival, make your way to The Crater. Lindwyrm’s first location is at the top of the area, where you’ll complete For Vanaheim! Search.

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Lindwyrm will be the second and last on the east side of The Plains. You can reach this location by making your way around the far side of this area, and the Yggdrasil Fault will continue into the last lost Lindwyrm.

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