How to get to Cyber Space stage 1-7 in Sonic Frontiers!

Getting to the portals in Sonic Frontiers most of the time is as simple as finding them in the wild and inserting your gears to activate them. However, sometimes it will take a little exploration and puzzle solving to get to them. Such is the case with the portal to Cyber ​​Space Level 1-7 on Kronos Island. Here is how to access it.

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How to get to Cyber ​​Space Level 1-7 on Kronos Island in Sonic Frontiers

When you come across the portal to Cyber ​​Space Level 1-7, you will notice that it is on an island above water and there is no way to jump to it. Alternatively, make your way to the left, and you will notice some strange ancient ruins with three pillars in the ground. First, interact with the three electrodes and they will connect to each other. Go to the illuminated structure, and a rail will be built for a small island on the left side.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Take this railway to the small island and there will be another object like the previous one with two poles. Interact with the poles and the lit structure again to create another rail towards the gate. Use the nearby bouncing spring to return toward the mainland. To get to this new railroad, first, hop on the first rail towards the smaller island until you reach the bottom of the rail to the gate. When you get close enough, jump on it and ride on it.

Screenshot from Gamepur

When you reach the portal, simply interact with it as normal to activate it if you have the gears. Also, be sure to hit the button in front of it to create a mainland bouncy spring that will instantly get you here later.


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