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Scald no longer a TM, exclusive to Volcanion in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, according to leaks!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet seem to be changing the competitive landscape drastically according to recently leaked information. Many of the common strategies and tactics that were a key element of the definition are modified or changed. For fans of the Defensive Mega Water Pokémon, the change leaking on Scald may force them to consider a new plan of action.

According to Centro LEAKS, Scald’s move will become a signature transition to Volcanion and won’t be learnable by any other Pokémon. Scald has been a very useful move for rockwater pokemon in competitive play. Allows some useful damage with an opportunity to apply the burn condition to the opponent, knocking out the enemy’s health bar while reducing the power of physical moves.

Fans’ opinion seems to be mixed. Some are very excited that the huge water species will be easier to deal with now. Pokémon like Toxapex have gained popularity in the meta because they can be hit with a high defense to survive while using Scald and other status effects to reduce physical attacking opponents.

Other players wonder why Scald put Volcanion since it already has a Steam Eruption feature move that does the same thing better at a small cost of accuracy. This change essentially erases Scald completely as players are more likely to use Steam Eruption instead of Scald unless they need more PP for longer battles.

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There have been leaks in Pokemon Scarlett and Violet recently. One thing is for sure, the Pokémon franchise is about to change a lot soon.

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