Shantaram Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained!

The seventh episode of the Apple TV+ drama series Shantaram, titled Apo Vai Pranah, comes in the wake of a cholera outbreak that threatens the lives of Sagar Wada residents. Lindsey “Lynn” Ford, as the only “doctor” in the slum, is forced to treat several patients at once, including Parvati. Lisa Carter makes an important decision about her relationship with Sebastian Modena. Abdul Qadir Khan AKA Khaderbhai devises a plan to acquire Minister Pandey from AKA Walidbhai’s gang. The episode ends with an important decision that Khaderbhai makes in favor of Lynn, which may have unexpected consequences. If you are interested in taking a detailed look at the same, let us be your ally! spoilers ahead.

Shantaram Episode 7

Apo Vai Pranah begins with a man Khaderbhai watching Minister Pandey, who is enjoying a short vacation with Sunita, a prostitute who works in Kamatipura. Khaderbhai, Abdullah Taheri and Karla Saranen discuss their plan for the minister. They realize that Sunita must be protected because he and Ledby are expected to kill her if Pandey’s extramarital affair becomes public knowledge. Khaderbhai and Abdullah suggested keeping Sunita guarded by Madame Chu in her palace. Although Carla disagrees, she has no other choice. The trio meet Madame Choo and demand Sunita’s protection in her mansion without any questions.

Cholera is causing havoc in Sagar Wada as many people begin to fight death to stay alive. Lynn Parvati is being treated but she is still in severe pain. When Lin complained about the lack of necessities, such as water and medicine, Qasim Ali told him that no one cared about random luxury. Sebastian is upset that Lisa agrees to sleep with Raheem, only to have Lisa explain that she is only doing so in order to earn money for them to start a new life elsewhere. Lisa keeps her promise to spend a night with Raheem.

Padma brings Sunita to Madame Chu’s mansion and locks her in a room. Sunita realizes that she cannot escape from Madame Cho to start a new phase of her life with Pandey. Carla, witnessing Sunita’s suffering, begins to believe that she has caused the same. Mrs. Chu provokes Carla by saying that she is not much different from the previous one because they both made the lives of others miserable. Madame Zhou tells Carla that she did not kill her friend Ahmed. Returning to Sagar Wada, Jitendra Jar Lane dies, leaving the Australian helpless.

Shantaram Episode 7 End: Why Did Khadarbhai Help Sagar Wada?

Upon witnessing Jitendra’s death, Lin realizes that he needs to do something about the cholera outbreak in Sagar Wada rather than accept the deaths. He meets Khaderbhai and asks for his help. Lynn knows that slum dwellers need clean water for their health and demands the same. Khaderbhai visited Sagar Wada with several trucks loaded with water bottles the next day. Khaderbhai tries to get an appeal in the slums by helping them. He does not care about the injustice that occurs in the slums when the residents are deprived of clean water. All he sees is a potential voting bank and a group of people who will owe him the acceptance of his gifts.

By connecting the water, Khaderbhai succeeded in forming an image as the savior of Sagar Wada. The popular appeal will help him persuade the slum dwellers to leave the area if he decides to move forward with the construction of apartment complexes in the area. As far as the crime boss is concerned, some water bottles are his investment to gain the trust of the slum dwellers, which may become the basis of his future slum-related actions. With his newfound admission to Sagar Wada, Khaderbhai may gain power over the region, which will be used to gain political and financial advantages.

In addition, Khaderbhai may succeed in controlling the votes of the residents of Sagar Wada with their help. Although politicians in Bombay regard slum dwellers as insects, the importance of the latter will rise at election time. Khaderbhai may endorse his men in the elections in Sagar Wada, and earn their votes to gain power in public office.

Will Prabhu and Parvati marry?

When Parvati is diagnosed with cholera, her parents blame Prabhu. They think their daughter has been sick since she was hanging out with him. They also blame him for her dedication to treating Lynn’s patients, which may have made her ill as well. As Parvati struggles to survive, her father and mother do not even allow her into their house to see her. However, the diligent Prabhu stays outside their hut and tells the plots of the films for his lover to enjoy. Parvati listens to the same and indulges in it, which also helps her forget her pain.

While Parvati was ill, Prabhu did not even leave her hut. Her parents see the same thing and realize that Prabhu loves her very much. When Parvati gets better, they invite Prabhu to their hut, indicating their acceptance of him. Since Parvati gets her parents’ approval, there is nothing that might prevent them from getting married. Prabhu, who does not even have a steady job, is not the ideal groom for Parvati’s parents. But they manage to realize that no one will take care of their daughter as he does, which makes them silently agree to Prabhu and Parvati’s possible marriage.

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