Who Killed Elisabeth Serra in The Calling? Why?!

Created by David E. Kelley, The Calling from Peacock is a crime drama television series that follows detective Avraham Avraham (Jeff Wilbusch) as he and his team solve cases in New York City. The NYPD officer is also a man of faith and spirituality who believes in humanity and its innate goodness. However, things take a dark turn, and his faith is tested when he faces horrific situations.

One such case is the wife and mother of two children, Elizabeth Serra. Before confirming Elizabeth’s disappearance, Avraham and his partner Janine spoke to her husband, Paul. Paul tells us how the two of them quarreled a lot, so she decided to go to her parents’ house. According to him, she used to do it often but it always comes back. However, when it is not this time, the two detectives learn that something is off, leading them to conclude that Elizabeth Serra is dead. So, who killed Elizabeth Cera in The Calling and why? Let’s find out. Spoilers ahead!

Who killed Elizabeth Serra and why?

Paul Serra, Elizabeth’s husband, kills her after she falls in love with Peter Haney and decides to leave him. The way this all happened is very complicated, and in the end, it came down to Paul’s inferiority complex and the anger that made him kill his wife. Paul and Elizabeth come from poor financial backgrounds. While Paul earns a living installing underfloor heating systems, Elizabeth works for an elite club in Manhattan called the Valley Forge Club. Peter Haney is a club member who runs his own cryptocurrency trading company, Alexandria Profits. While working at the club, Elizabeth and Peter interacted and fell in love.

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Meanwhile, Paul gets a club member install party and gets tip to buy cryptocurrency. Therefore, he uses all his family fortune to invest in cryptocurrency and makes about $750,000. However, later, he somehow lost all the money, including the wealth that he had laid down. When the police tried to connect all these dots, they realized that Peter Haney wanted to spend the rest of his life with Elizabeth and was also willing to take the boys with him. However, Elizabeth was a woman of values ​​who wanted to keep her family together, despite falling in love with Peter. This conflict and Paul’s increasingly resentful behavior caused many quarrels between Paul and Elizabeth.

When Paul made a lot of money with cryptocurrency, Peter couldn’t stand it because money, he said, was everything. Since he owns Alexandria Profits, he has directly or indirectly made Paul lose all of his family’s fortune. When Paul admitted his mistake to Elizabeth, it was the last straw for her. She revealed that she was in love with Peter Haney and was leaving Paul. While Paul thought it was the financial loss, Elizabeth said it wasn’t just the money. Paul had turned into someone she didn’t recognize, and she didn’t like how he was with her or her children. During this argument, her words raised Paul’s concerns about himself and his financial situation, and something happened.

He flew in a fit of rage and almost flung Elizabeth across the room. The latter hit the coffee table in the living room and fell on the sofa. In an uncontrollable state, Paul strangled her with his own hands, and thus Elizabeth faced her tragic end. However, what is really interesting is how he got rid of her body and tried to cover up the crime. Paul created a hidden room inside the apartment and dragged Elizabeth’s body into that room. Later, when he got another party designing and installing an underfloor heating system, he buried his wife under the tiled floors.

However, Detective Avraham knows something is wrong when Paul mentions that Elizabeth called him and said she was staying at a hotel. One reason for doubt is that the hotel number he provides is not accessible. Another problem with this development is that no one simply appears after having lost so much time. So Avraham and the task force break into Paul’s apartment and find the children drugged. However, Paul is not in the apartment. The detective looks around and finds the secret room, and sees signs that Paul has been dragged into Elizabeth’s body.

Almost intuitively, he knows where the body is. So, Avraham and his partner Janine go to the apartment where Paul is working on the composition party and conclude that the corpse is underground. At the police station, Paul confesses to his crimes but tries to escape. He knocks two officers and puts his hands on one of their pistols. Just as he was about to raise his gun, Captain Kathleen Davis shot him, thus putting an end to the affair.

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