Who Killed John Wentworth in The Calling? Why?!

The Calling is a crime drama television show that follows Detective Avraham (Jeff Wellbush), a talented police officer who solves the most heinous crimes in New York City but also believes that deep down the people are good. His belief in humanity and spirituality is challenged when he faces horrific situations filled with lies, revenge and deception. Created by David E. Kelley, Peacock’s original show “The Calling” combines cop drama with spirituality and possesses subtle hints of supernatural elements.

Although the NYPD deals with many devious cases in the series, the death of John Wentworth is one of the most bizarre. The man was Detect Avraham’s friend and was also linked to the murder of Vincent Conte. However, he did nothing wrong and spoke to the child several times. In the season’s final moments, when Abraham and his partner Janine Wentworth are found dead inside a house, they wonder how he died. If you’re asking the same questions, here’s what we think. Spoilers ahead!

Who killed John Wentworth?

After Avraham and Janine arrive at the crime scene and find the body, the former immediately recognizes the man – John Wentworth. On Wentworth’s forehead the word “Abba” is engraved on it, which is the Hebrew word for “father.” The two listen to police radio, which says that according to a new description, the accused murderer was last seen fleeing on foot eastward. The officer also describes his physical appearance as being 6 feet tall, with red hair, and possibly homeless. When Janine heard this, she realized that the description was supernaturally familiar to Wentworth’s physical appearance. While the murder remains unsolved at the end of the season, we have two theories.

John Wentworth killed himself

John Wentworth killed himself due to his mental health issues. John first appears in the picture when Abraham asks him about Vincent Conte. John is a homeless man who wanders the streets and often passes by the building where Vincent lived. Abraham/Avi contacts him because he knows that the homeless man notices the smallest details about the people who live in those buildings and can give him good information. As it turned out, he was in touch with Vincent and gave him a book by Pushkin.

While Jon seems perfectly fine around Avi, he is different from Detective Earl. When the latter attempts to interrogate John, he turns away and avoids eye contact. John tells how the police make him paranoid and puts thoughts into his mind that the police will take him just because he’s homeless, and he’s wandering around. Even Earl mentions how John struggled with mental health issues and the history of being expelled from a teaching position due to the spread of Nazi ideology.

Although these pieces of information are not explored further in the show, they are likely related to John Wentworth’s death. After Vincent’s case is resolved, John exits the picture but reappears in a later episode. He tells Avi about giving information about a possible crime for money so that he can buy some clean clothes for himself and a place to live. Avi says he will try to figure out what he can do for Jon after talking to his captain, but there is more development.

We think John Wentworth’s mental health is getting worse after Vincent’s case. Since he has been interrogated several times by the officers, it instills in him a feeling of paranoia, and the thoughts in his mind become too loud to be ignored. This leads to his desire to commit suicide, but he has not yet reached that point. So, he decides to call Avi, the one person he trusts somewhat, and talk about preventing a crime. Here he refers to his suicide.

When Avi finds John’s body, Janine finds a gun under the body and, after listening to police radio, concludes that Wentworth is both the killer and the victim. Wentworth knows a lot about everyone, including Avi. In one scene, we see John telling Avi that the latter may be suffering from dysthymia, another term for persistent depressive disorder.

It is also possible that John knew of Avi’s father, and as an avid reader, he may have known Hebrew or selected a book to learn some basic words such as “oppa”. Thus, he engraved the words on himself and shot himself. So, to repeat, John Wentworth killed himself because he became increasingly paranoid after the Vincent case, and it became very difficult to deal with the voices inside his head.

Another person killed John Wentworth

While the above scenario is one theory for how things went wrong with John Wentworth, we also have an alternative theory. John Wentworth was murdered by someone with some connection to Avi and possibly his late father. Avi has unresolved emotions about his father’s death on the show as the issue is still unresolved. While the police know that Avi’s father was pushed from the sixth floor, they don’t know who pushed him or why. In another scene, we see Avi asking his friend the rabbi about his father, and the rabbi says that darkness has always followed Avi’s father. Although Janine urges Avi to reopen the case and look into the case, he refuses.

When Avi finds Jon’s body inside a house, the word “Father” is engraved on Jon’s forehead in Hebrew. An earlier incident may also be related to John’s murder. In one episode, John says he has some information that could prevent a crime, but he will only hand it over for money to buy clean clothes and find a place to live.

In this case, John may refer to the killer’s plans. Since John roams the streets and knows a lot about people, he is likely to see some suspicious activities, which leads him to Avi. However, the killer inhales this and decides to end Jon’s life with a letter to Avi. It is possible that the person who killed Avi’s father is still alive or someone knows Avi well and wants to play a game of cat and mouse with him.

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