Who Sent Bomb Threats to Anna Harvey in The Calling? Why?!

The Calling is a crime drama series by David E. Kelley, known for “The Lincoln Lawyer”, “Boston Legal” and crime drama TV shows. The Peacock Original chronicles the cases of Detective Abraham (Jeff Willbush), a spiritual man who believes in the innate goodness of humanity. His ability to empathize with people is tested when he faces horrific crimes that make up for fixation issues.

The 8-episode series depicts a NYPD officer and his team as they solve different crimes. On a typical morning, when Anna Harvey is going about her routine, running her own daycare center, someone plants a fake bomb right outside her door. This threatens the safety of all the children and staff in the place and thus the Abraham investigation begins. After this one-time incident, someone called Anna Harvey repeatedly on the phone and threatened her. So, if you’re wondering who is behind the bomb threats and their motives, we’ve got you covered. spoilers ahead.

Who planted the fake bomb at the daycare center?

Brad Holt planted the fake bomb at the daycare center and threatened Anna Harvey over the phone. Brad and Marcy’s daughter used to go to Anna Harvey’s day nursery, but after a while, Marcy took her daughter. When the police asked Marcy about it, she said she disagreed with Anna’s methods and was wise enough to send her daughter to a different nursery. While this is a perfectly logical answer, Marcy’s words of displeasure and hostility towards Anna arouse the officers’ suspicion.

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Besides, when the FBI brings up the fake bomb, Brad Holt stands amidst the other parents and suddenly starts running after Officer Janine walks towards him. Janine manages to treat him and takes him to the area for interrogation. Here, Brad tells us how he got scared, which is the only reason why he ran away, but Janine isn’t convinced.

As officers try to uncover other leads involving another suspect, Detective Earl Paul Cera follows Brad in his car. Brad’s activity seems very suspicious because, at one point, he leaves his house, takes his pickup truck, and stops right across from the nursery. Brad waits there for 15 minutes and stares relentlessly at the place. Earl realizes that Brad did not run away for no reason and that there is something he is hiding.

Later we see Earl following Brad again, and this time, standing outside the warehouse. Earl is almost sure it’s Brad making the bomb here, so he walks in. It looks like a workshop, and there are cameras everywhere. When the detective passes through different rooms, he reaches a room where he finds Brad. What he doesn’t expect to see is that Brad has sex with Anna Harvey.

In this revelation, investigators are confused because they do not know if Brad planted the bomb. Their suspicions turn toward Marcy, who may have known about Anna and Brad’s case, and may have decided to harass Anna Harvey. But when the police confront Marcy, they discover that she has no evidence. Now, the suspicions are on Brad again. Meanwhile, Anna was severely hit on the head on her way home, which resulted in her being hospitalized.

A few days later, when the nursery owner wakes up, the truth comes out. Anna and Brad had an affair when the latter’s daughter was in a former day care center. Although Marcy didn’t know about this, she didn’t like how Brad looked at Anna and thus took her daughter off the center. When this happened, Anna decided to break up with Brad and end the relationship, but the latter was not ready to part with her.

As a result, he started harassing her and wanted to disrupt her work at the daycare center. This leads to the planting of a fake bomb and subsequent threats. On the day the two were caught having sex, Earl did not want to meet or have sex with Brad, and merely pampered him until he stopped threatening her. After this discovery, Abraham, Earl and Janine went to Brad’s place, where they arrested him.

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