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Why is Atreus looking for Tyr? God of War Ragnarok plot explained!

Early in the God of War Ragnarok story, Odin revealed to Kratos that his son Atreus had been searching for images, and never politely asked him to stop this search abruptly. Kratos refuses to compromise with Odin on principle, but, at least initially, wants Atreus to stop his quest anyway. But Atreus is determined to find images, and eventually persuades Kratos and Mimir to join him in his search.

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The story of God of War Ragnarok is very complex and is told in many ways. There’s also a lot of other stuff going on, so it’s very easy to miss part of the dialogue that brings the whole plot together. Because of this, you may have lost track Why Atreus is looking for photos, and the summary below should help.

Why would Atreus want to find images in God of War Ragnarok?

After Odin and Thor leave, Atreus persuades Kratos to follow him to the ancient temple in the Lower Wildwoods. In the ancient temple, Atreus shows Kratos and Mimir a shrine that they can open and enter. Inside the shrine, the trio can watch a kind of magical animation that predicts that when Ragnarok comes, Tyre will lead the armies opposing Odin. This means that Tyre is already alive, and that Odin was lying when he told Mimir that he had killed him.

Atreus also reveals that inside one of the other shrines, he saw images imprisoned somewhere with “black smoke and bleeding earth”, and Mimir correctly concludes that this must refer to one of the mines of Svartalfheim, the kingdom of the dwarves. So, with Sindri’s help, this is where they decide to go.

Atreus wants to find Tyr because Tyr is the former Norse god of war, and thus the only thing strong enough to oppose Odin. Aside from the fact that Atreus wants Odin by his back and his father’s back, it’s also possible that Odin is an evil and evil thing, and stopping him would be a good idea. Finally, Atreus’ mother, Fai, also tried and failed to lead a rebellion against Odin, and Atreus sees finding Tire as a means to success where his mother had failed.

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