Action vs. High Speed modes in Sonic Frontiers – What’s different?!

Near the beginning of Sonic Frontiers, you will be given the option to play between two modes with not enough information about what you will get into. You can’t instantly switch back and forth between these modes, so it’s good to know what you’re doing. This is the difference between the action and high speed modes of the Sonic Frontiers.

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What is the difference between Action and High Speed ​​modes in Sonic Frontiers?

The big difference between action and high speed in Sonic Frontiers is how fast things happen on the screen. For young children or new players unfamiliar with many Sonic games, Action is recommended as it slows down the experience a bit. This is intended to aid in platforming, which is throughout the game’s open area format. If you find yourself frequently falling to death and frustrating him from landing on platforms and rails, this may be the option you want to adopt.

As for the high speed mode, this is basically the traditional Sonic experience you’ve seen in recent games. In general, Sonic will move quickly but may be a little more difficult to land on the platforms. The camera will be closer to Sonic at all times, allowing you to feel the high speed at which he is moving, especially when boosting.

After choosing one or the other, you cannot immediately switch to the other. Instead, you’ll need to open Game Settings under Options and adjust the various sliders to match the experience you want. You can change the starting speed, the initial boost speed, the rotation speed, the camera speed, and more. Be sure to tinker with these and other options here to ensure you have the best experience for you.


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