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All weaknesses of the Fairy Type in the Pokémon series!

The Fairy type rating was added in Pokémon only for the purpose of adding a type that could be strong against the Dragon Pokémon, which before that only had Ice and other dragon types to worry about. However, with how powerful they are themselves, you’ll need some counters when you come across Fairy Pokémon. Here are all the types in Pokémon that are strong against fairies.

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All types are powerful against the types of fairies in Pokemon

There are two Pokémon moves that the Fairy types are weak against, Poison and Steel. Traditionally, these two types were usually considered quite suitable. Types of steel were known for their defensive stats and poison for their status effect.

Below is a list of moves in particular that we recommend using against pixie types. They will help you quickly reduce the opponent’s health.

  • Poison – Junk Shot, Burp, Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Cross Poison, Poison Jap, Sludge
  • Steel – Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Meteor Mash, Heavy Strike, Gyro Ball, Iron Tail

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to have a Poison or Steel type Pokemon for your party to learn the above moves. While the same type of Pokémon learning will make the move more powerful, you can take advantage of the many Pokémon that teach them to have a more rounded attack.

It is also a good idea to have an idea of ​​the areas in which the types of fairies are strong. Avoid getting into a fight against them with the Dark, Fighting, Bug and, as mentioned above, the Dragon types. Keep in mind that it is quite resistant to the movements of the Dragon type. There are not many weaknesses in Fairy, but sometimes you can encounter a double type that has an additional set of weaknesses that you can exploit.

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