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Is High Horsepower a good move in Pokémon Go?!

High Horsepower is a ground-type charged attack that you can use in Pokémon Go. It’s an attack that you can give your Pokemon, and it can be a powerful option, but it requires quite a bit of energy before you can use it. Some players may be wondering if the damage from this attack justifies the energy requirement. Here’s what you need to know about whether high horsepower is a good move in Pokémon Go.

Should you get high horsepower in Pokémon Go? all states

There are a few things to consider in this Earth-type charged attack. You want to review the damage it does, its energy requirements, and any effects it has. These stats vary depending on whether you use it in PvP or PvE.

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Here’s the breakdown of the stats for a high horsepower.

  • PvP
    • High horse power will deal 100 damage to the enemy, and require 60 energy. That’s 1.6 damage per power distribution
  • player vs environment
    • High HP will deal 110 damage to the enemy in raids or in gym battles and requires 100 Energy.

This is an attack that deals more damage than any other land type move that costs 60 Energy, Bulldoze, making it comparable to Thunder or Bug Buzz. Many players considered this attack to be a better option for Earth Power, and they are right, despite the mistake Earth Power could do to an opponent, lowering their defense by one rank. However, this has a 10% chance of being activated, which makes it a risky option.

However, it requires a Pokémon that uses a high horsepower to need an effective fast movement to take advantage of it, and even better defenses to withstand a Pokémon battle where they can charge properly and use it against an opponent. It’s all about using Pokémon, but we think that’s a solid step.

The problem with High Horsepower’s debut is that it’s going to Ursaluna. Unfortunately for Ursaluna, she doesn’t have a good fast move to properly launch this attack, which results in him being a substandard Pokemon.

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