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How to defeat Omoroth in Core Keeper!

There are not many giants in Core Keeper at the moment, however, each of them will provide you with a challenge that you will not forget. Omoroth the Sea Titan is a powerful boss that can be found in Sunken Sea and will give most players a chance to get their money back. To defeat Omoroth, you may have to think creatively, as the location of the battle may be restricted. To help you kill all the giants to the core, we have brought you a guide detailing how to defeat the mighty Omoroth in Core Keeper.

Defeat Omoroth at Core Keeper

Omoroth is a very powerful Core Keeper behemoth that can only be defeated using long range attacks. Although you can try to fight at close range, the whirlwinds that keep throwing at you will kill you in seconds. This is why we suggest using some weapons with better range to bring down this giant.

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Players should also have their trusty shield with them, as there will be many whirlwinds coming from every direction and tentacles attacking you with attacks every second. Being patient is the way to go, as there is no way to defeat Omoroth quickly. Defending her attacks consistently and getting a hit or two when there is enough space is the way to go.

Now, the second most important part to consider in this battle is whether you are going to use a boat or are going to run around the area. Using a boat to navigate the battlefield can be very challenging, but rewarding. Also be sure to use a Speeder, not a regular boat, because it’s very slow and you’ll be dead in seconds.

The other way you can fight is by using the platforms that are next to the whirlpools. There are two methods you can use:

  • Stand on them and bear the fight.
  • Build bridges around the entire arena and run.

Standing on a platform for the entire battle will be a very long battle, as you will need to constantly recover as well as take out damage from time to time. The other way you can fight is to build bridges around the entire area and roam freely. The problem is that tentacles that will pop up from time to time to get into melee will break your platforms. This can leave you later in the fight with nowhere else to go.

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